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Delirium 24 Hour Road Race


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Welcome to Australia's only 24 Hour Road Race.....

Get your team together and sign up for the most fun you will have with your bikes all year or take on the ultimate challenge in cycling and sign up to ride solo.

Talk to anyone who rode D1 or D2, and they will tell you that there is no other bike event like Delirium. Don't worry about your ability or lack of it, Delirium is the same for elite riders, novices and everyone in between, find your zone and conquer the night, victory belongs to all those who see the sun rise and finish the 24 hours. 

Teams of Six

  • Teams of up to six can enter. Sub-categories for prizes will be allocated according to entries (D2 Elite, Legendary, Heroic and Rookies)
  • Riders can enter individually to ride as part of a team
  • Entry fee is $540 per team of six riders
  • 12 Hour is only open to junior teams and solo riders.
  • On-line entries close 18/4/2013

Register your team

  • Team leaders please register you team names and select a simple password to supply to your team members before they enter individually.

Solo Riders

  • Solo riders can nominate a helper to assist them during the race
  • Entry fee $150 or $125 for the 12 Hour.
  • On-line entries close 18/4/2013
  • Minimum age to enter is 18
  • Please arrange for someone to drive you home post event.

Pick up numbers from 8:00am Saturday April 21, 2013. Racing commences at 11:00am 

What you will need to bring

  • Bicycle in good working condition (no TT bikes, bars or disc wheels)
  • Australian Standard approved cycling helmet.
  • Front and rear lights in working order, with back up batteries. No flashing lights front or rear.
  • Functioning odometer
  • Spares and repair tools
  • Specific nutritional requirements
  • Sunscreen, warm and wet weather gear


  • Caravan/Tent/Swag for sleeping
  • Team Marquee (chairs/table/light etc)
  • Support team
  • Helmets to be worn at all times while riding
  • Do not use MP3 players/IPods, mobile phones while riding
  • Please note a strict no alcohol policy will be in place for competitors. 
  • Marshals may remove riders from course for dangerous riding, mechanical issues (i.e. non functioning lights) or for medical examination if deemed necessary
  • Be wary of fatigue, particularly when riding in groups. If you find yourself faltering, drop out of the bunch and ride back to the camp-site by yourself for a rest. 

Delirium takes place within the Parkwater sub-division on relatively quiet roads, however the roads are not closed for the event and riders are obliged to obey all normal traffic rules.


Delirium is unique, in the sense that unlike a 24 Hour TT or MTB event, the strategies of normal road racing will apply. We anticipate alliances forming as riders seek to find a group that they can draft with. This event requires tactics like no other, and to do well you will need to constantly make good decisions and try to minimise bad ones.

If you have not ridden much in a group, we strongly recommend that you get some practice and learn about bunch riding prior to the event. Contact the South West Cycle Club or your local club to source information about bunch riding and details of training rides.

Nutrition and Hydration

Food and drinks will be available to purchase at various points and times during the event, with vendors aware of competitors requirement for carbohydrates. Competitors are welcome to bring there own supplies to suit their specific requirements.

Lung Institute of Western Australia

LIWA is the official charitable partner of Delirium and 24 Hours in Cowaramup. Lung Disease is one of the most significant health problems facing Australians and early detection can be invaluable in saving lives. LIWA in conjunction with the Cowaramup Lions Club will be conducting free lung screenings for the public during the event, for competitors this will provide an ideal opportunity to be tested and in the process potentially identify issues affecting your cycling performance. Riders are encouraged to raise money via the event to help fund research projects to be conducted by LIWA. 


Thanks to our friends at blueChip your every lap time and average lap speed will be recorded and relayed live to on course screens and direct to your mobile devices. Sit back and watch as the drama unfolds or analyse the data and look for weaknesses in your opponenets.

The post race Presentation Ceremony will take place at 11:30am Sunday 21st 2013.

Please note this information will be regularly up-dated; please check details prior to start of event.

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Saturday 20 April 2013 to Sunday 21 April 2013
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