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2015 NSW Junior Points League - Senior KYU Grades - Masters Tournament

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This is the online entry for the 2015 NSW Junior Points League, Senior KYU Grades & Masters Tournament to be held at Hall of Legends, State Sports Centre, Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday 5 July 2015.


Tournament Pre-Entry

All competitors must login and register online before Thursday 2 July 2015.

The Entry Fee is $30 per competitor.

The Extra Category Fee is $15 for Masters who also compete in the Senior KYU Grades categories. 

Competitors need to pay on-line at the time of registering for the Tournament.

Note - Late Entries ($60 per competitor and $30 for extra category) will be accepted on the day.


Grade & Age Categories

Juniors Boys/Girls (U12s) and Senior Boys/Girls (U15s) Points League

This tournament will include 'points' for the 2015 Judo NSW Individual Athlete Awards. 

These age categories will consist of the normal Judo Federation of Australia (JFA) weight categories (see below).

All competitors must be a minimum of Junior Orange belt to participate.

Senior KYU Grades Category

The Senior KYU Grades will consist of a combined 3rd & 4th KYU category (ie Green & Orange Belts) and a combined 1st & 2nd KYU category (ie Brown & Blue Belts).

Cadets are encouraged to compete as long as they are a minimum of a Junior Orange Belt.

Novice Category

This Tournament will also include a 'Novice' category for Senior 5th KYU (Yellow Belt).  Entry to this category is restricted to 5th KYU (Yellow Belt) only.

Masters Category

A separate Masters category will also be held for competitors who are turning 30 years or older in the year of the Tournament.  Actual age sub-categories will be determined on the day depending on the number of entries.

Separate Mens and Womens division will be conducted for all Age, Grade & Weight categories.


Weight Categories

The below Weight Categories will be used unless there are insufficient competitors in the nominated weight category:

Junior Boys (U12s) U27 U30 U34 U48 U42 U46 U50 O50
Junior Girls (U12s U29 U32 U36 U40 U44 U48 U52 O52
Senior Boys (U15s) U36 U40 U45 U50 U55 U60 U66 O66
Senior Girls U15s U36 U40 U44 U48 U52 U57 U63 O63
Men (KYU & MASTERS) U60 U66 U73 U81 U90 U100 OPEN  
Women (KYU & MASTERS) U48 U52 U57 U63 U70 U78 OPEN  

The Tournament Director will determine the final weight categories following the completion of the weigh-in.

Competitors may change their nominated weight category at the tournament weigh-in.

Weigh-in Times

The weigh-in times are as follows:

  • Junior Boys/Girls (U12s) and Senior Boys/Girls (U15s) - 09:00AM to 09:30AM
  • 'Novice' and KYU Grades  - 11:30AM to 12:00Noon
  • Masters (30 years & over) - 11:30AM to 12:00Noon


Other Conditions

A white judo-gi is compulsory - a blue judogi is 'optional'.

All competitors must be current financial JFA members and must present their Membership Card at the Tournament on request.


Tournament Enquiries

Lisa Lee 0401 085 258 or Judo NSW (click here)

Event Details


Hall of Legends, State Sports Centre, Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park

Event Date:

Sunday 5 July 2015
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