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Australian PSSA Classification Registration - Woden Park 4/12/15


In sport, classification exists so that athletes compete in fair and equal competition. Most sports have simple classification systems that group athletes according to age, gender or weight. In Paralympic Sport, the wide range of sports and disabilities create unique classification systems. Paralympic classification groups athletes according to how their disability impacts on their sport. Athletes compete against others with similar disabilities, so that the athletes who succeed do so on the basis of athletic performance.

For more information please refer to Athletics Australia's National Classification Information

Who can apply for a classification? This form is for athletes with a physical impairment only. If you are wishing to obtain a classification for another impairment group please follow this link to the 'Get Classified' page on the Athletics Australia website for more information of your classification process.

Details about your upcoming classification opportunity:

Cost: There is no cost to attend classification opportunities.
Registration: Bookings are required in advance and limited places are available. Please complete the following application to be considered for classification.
Contact: For further information please contact Brett Watton at Athletics Australia E: / P: 03 8646 4570

Do I need to return anything else with this form? Athletes must email a copy of a letter from their medical specialist (e.g. neurologist, rehabilitation specialist, orthopedic specialist) stating and outlining their diagnosis in addition to completing this form. Please email medical documentation to Brett Watton at Athletics Australia E: 

What is the next step once I return this form? Athletics Australia will contact athletes who return this form will recieve an appointment time slot for the upcoming classification opportunity. If the opportunity is full at the time of completion athletes will be informed they are placed on a waiting list and be able to attend the next available classification.