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Level 2 Recreational Running Coach (Sydney Dec12)

 Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Course (Sydney)

  This course trains coaches to develop the fundamental technical and strategic skills for runners training for 5km through to ultra-marathon events.  It covers topics such as warm ups, session planning and designing training programs. The course also develops the coach’s skills in managing groups of varied skill levels from novice through to elite. Pre requisite for the course is the Athletics Australia Level 1 Community Coach course.  RCC for Level 1 is available for qualified Cert 3 or 4 personal trainers who are taking the Recreational Running Coach pathway. 

  Participants will be required to perform competency based assessments on the day and be prepared for an easy level of activity. Most of the course will be in a room with two to three outdoor sessions.

  Coaches who successfully complete the level 2 Recreation Running program will be accredited with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. They will be fully recognised by the sport of athletics and shall be added to the National Coaches data base (individuals can manage their own listing).

Personal Trainers  with a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness can enter directly  into the Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Course. However,  you will need  to register with Athletics Australia as a coach first. The registration form can be accessed here.

The course runs from 8:45am - 4:45pm

The cost of the course is:

  • Athletics NSW members: $215 (+ $8.30 in merchant fees)
  • Non members: $240 (+ $10.56 in merchant fees)

Key Competencies

At the completion of the Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach Accreditation Program coaches will be able to:

  1. Monitor and adapt the training environment to ensure inclusive and safe activity that is both enjoyable and challenging for recreational runners in clubs, squads, groups and individual training situations. 
  2. Evaluate and identify appropriate activities in accordance with the physical, emotional and social maturation of the recreational runners in their program. 
  3. Vary training activities to maintain a stimulating and engaging training environment. 
  4. Provide suitable feedback on performance, for groups and individuals during training sessions. 
  5. Communicate effectively in group and individual situations. 
  6. Use appropriate methods, drills and activities to instruct appropriate technical models to recreational runners. 
  7. Plan and evaluate a training session and make appropriate adjustments for subsequent sessions. 
  8. Plan and implement a variety of activities that will develop the “components of fitness” into training sessions.

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Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre

Event Date:

Saturday 12 December 2015
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