National Coach Mentor Database

Welcome to the registration page for those looking to become a Coach Mentor with Athletics Australia. By registering as a coach mentor you will appear on the National Coach Mentor Database and play an important role in supporting the next generation of Accredited Athletics Coaches. 

Being a mentor coach has many benefits and is a richly rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to build new relationships with fellow coaches, consolidate your own learning through teaching others, discover new ideas from your fellow coaches, and support your local Athletics coaching community flourish. 


As a mentor you will be able to define:

-What areas, times, and dates you are available,

-How the sessions should be run (e.g. beginning coaches observing one of your regular sessions, beginning coaches assisting delivery of your session, mentors attending a beginning coach's session, via correspondance etc.)

-What type of coach you wish to mentor, and

-How coaches wishing to have you as a mentor should contact you. 


Requirements: Mentor Coaches must hold a minimum of Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach accreditation.


You are free to be removed from the database at any time by emailing or by calling 03 8646 4550.