This Event Is Now Closed.

2017 Goalie Development Programme

Goalies often get forgotten about, they are chucked in the goal and players hit balls at them and a lot of the time all they are told is to stop the balls going in.

With our team of older, highly skilled goalies and our coaching staff we have created this course to teach goalies the correct techniques and skills to become a great goalie. 

We have had great sucess with this programme in the past and it is now a very popular programme!

We have 3 blocks: 

Block 1: 
5x sessions Mondays 4pm-5:30pm: 13th Feb-13th March
1x session on Tuesday 14th March 4pm-5:30pm

Block 2:
Friday 14th July 9am-3pm 

Block 3:
6x Sessions Mondays 4pm-5:30pm: 30th Oct-4th Dec
-Note: This last block has the possibility of changing times depending on summer hockey

You have the option of signing up to blocks individually or you can sign up to all 3
Block 1: $110
Block 2: $50
Block 3: $110
All 3 Blocks: $250