This Event Is Now Closed.

2017 National Masters - Player EOI

Masters Representative Team – Player Expression of Interest Now Open!!!  

Wellington Hockey are excited to open the door for anyone who is of age, to express their interest in representing the region at the 2017 National Masters Tournament, which will be held in Auckland this year.

Use the following steps to help determine your eligibly and team;


  1. Can you play……Player Eligibility
  • To be eligible you must have attained the stipulated age by 31 December of the year in which the tournament is play (e.g. A player whose birthday is on or before the 31 December, the year of tournament is eligible to play in the over 35 division, a player whose 35th birthday is after the 31 December is ineligible to play for the over 35 division)
  • You must have played/play 2 games in the 2016/2017 Summer Masters Competition
  • Must be registered with Wellington Hockey Association


Exceptions – Guest Players


If you want to play for Wellington but we are not your registered Association you must complete a Guest Player Agreement form at least 2 weeks before the tournament begins.


An Association may withhold permission for a player to become a Guest Player if;

-       The player didn’t make themselves available for their own association

-       The player is unfinancial to a club within their Association

-       The player has been suspended from hockey due to current or pending disciplinary   


  1. Which team can I register my interest for……Masters Teams for 2017

Based on past years and consultation from the Masters Council, the following age divisions are on offer to apply for;

Men (35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60)       Women (35, 40, 45, 50)

  • Cusp players will register for the division based on their age as of 31 December, the year the tournament will be played (A player who turns 40 on or before the 31 December, year of the tournament is eligible to register for the over 40’s team, a player who turns 40 after the 31 December has to register for the over 35’s)

If your age division isn’t stated

If your age division is not stated on the above list, you may apply to the division below.


  1. Selection process

The Coaches will be selecting a 20-player squad at the end of the Masters Competition Block 2. The selection will be based on your performance throughout the competition. There will also be independent selectors to ensure impartiality.

If you are not selected for your age division, you may be selected for the age division below, at the coaches’ discretion.

If you are selected for a team, you will be required to pay a $100 deposit to enable the Masters Council to book accommodation and transport for the tournament. If you are not selected for the final top 16 team, you will be refunded. This deposit is non-refundable for top 16 players, if you can’t attend National Tournament for any unforeseen circumstance we can’t reimburse.


  1. Team Trials

There will be a final trial at the end of the Open Grade Winter Competition to choose the final 16 players that will represent Wellington at the Masters Tournament.

After the final teams have been selected, a 6 week block of training will begin with two sessions per week, to ensure you are given to time to prepare for the National Tournament.