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Roller Frenzy IX - TDU Edition

ROLLER FRENZY IX - yes that's ROLLER FRENZY NINE for those that can't do roman numerals

Free to come and watch/heckle, but if you want to ride, this is the place to enter.  Places are strictly limited to 32 riders!

You must be there for qualifying by 7pm

RULES: What rules?  There's only one rule re bikes, and one rule re rider:

Ride whatever bike you like - singlespeed, fixie, road, MTB, BMX - whatever you got. The only restrictions are on gearing. You cannot ride a gear bigger than 50:14 (96.46"). On a road bike that is 53:15. If you're on a road bike or MTB you pick an equivalent gear or less, and stick to it - no changing gears mid event or you're a cheater. Cranks must be 165mm, or longer, no special high-speed little cranks.

You gotta have a CA or MTBA license and be 16+.  Yes, this is in a pub. On a school night. 

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357 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Event Date:

Tuesday 17 January 2017
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