2017 Friday Track League



The Friday Track League was created to develop riders ability and provide a spectator friendly racing program over the winter months.


Racing will be mostly mast start races with limited timed events to both keep the racing quick and fast, as well as reduce the burden on officials & the organisation.

Warm up at 6:00pm
Racing Starts 7:00pm

The following races will be part of the series:

Scratch Race
Elimination Race
Heart Starter (Derby)
Tempo Race
Points Race
Madison Race
Keirin Race

The event program will be released two weeks before each round.

Grades will be as follows:

A-Grade (24 Max)

B-Grade (24 Max)

C-Grade (24 Max

D-Grade* (20 Max)

Junior 13/15 (24 Max)

Junior 9/11 (24 Max)

Riders who are U17 category and above are permitted to race. First year U17 riders will be required to race in C or D-Grade. All other riders will receive their grade on the first event. Riders will not be able to switch grades during the series unless approved by Cycling Queensland and cannot happen on race day. Riders who have been approved to change their grade, lose all previous points. Cycling Queensland has the ability to change riders grades where they see fit.

Rider aged U13/15 will have the opportunity to ride together in the series. 

Riders U9/11 will have the opportunity to ride together in the series. 

Junior riders must have the correct gearing on their bike as per the CA regulations.

For the final round, juniors will have the opportunity to either move up to their new age category or stay in the current category. Riders who stay in their current category will be required to use the 2016 gearing.


Riders are encouraged to enter the whole series at a discounted rate at $150.00 for the series pass. Riders can enter the individual events if there are spaces available in their grade at $30.00 per entry. Entries are online at   



Series Points

The following points table applies to each race in the series:






















Madison events, both riders will gain the same amount of points for their team placing in their grade.

The rider who has gained the most points at the end of the series, is the series winner in their grade. In the event of a tie, the rider who placed hirer on the last race will be placed higher.

Worlds Fastest Motopaced Lap

Cycling Queensland has an exciting invite event where riders are motopaced for 3 laps and then timed for the 4th lap which will hopefully produce the fastest laps ever seen on the velodrome. Due to the time constraint there will be no more than 3 attempts a round and a maximum of 18 riders attempting the challenge. At the end of the series, the fastest overall time will be awarded the champion.

As there is limited space, this is an invite only event. If you are interested, please fill in the expression of interest form here:

Event Dates:

The following dates are part of the Friday Track League:

Friday 5th May

Friday 2nd June

Friday 7th July

Frist 4th August

Friday 8th September

Friday 20th October (To coincide with the QLD Madison Championships)