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2017 National Capital Tour and The National Capital Ride



Canberra's only road cycling event on closed roads for all levels*.


The ACT’s premier state open cycling event returns to the nation’s capital on the 23rd – 24th September 2017 with graded racing for all levels. Experience Canberra's number 1 road cycling event, which will this year be held on closed roads for all grades, and on courses that will give all types of riders a chance of success.

For the first time, the event will also include a separate entry-level ride category, held under the same closed-road conditions as the main event and open to all levels* - the National Capital Ride.



Majura Winery to Mount Majura (21km)  |  Saturday 23rd September 2017

Ride the Majura closed-road racing circuit, finishing at the top of the Canberra's highest inner-city peak.

This is the first time the National Capital Tour will include this category. Experience the best of race conditions and test yourself on the final 2.8km ascent to Mt. Majura - a road normally-closed from the bottom. Setting off just behind A Grade on their final lap, you will be the final group to arrive at the finish line. With some of Canberra's best riders supporting you in the final kilometres and on the approach to the finish line, The National Capital Ride is set to be an unfogettable experience.

Distance: 21km
Date: Sat. 23 September 2017
Where: Majura Winery, Lime Kiln Road, Majura ACT.




Stage 1: Road Race
Majura Winery  |  Saturday 23rd September 2017

Men's A: 110km (6 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Men's B: 92.3km (5 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Men's C: 74.6km (4 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Men's D: 56.9km (3 Laps + Mt. Majura)

Women's A: 74.6km (4 Laps + Mt. Majura)
Women's B: 56.9km (3 Laps + Mt. Majura)

*Men's D Grade / Women's B Grade course shown.
Date: Sat. 23 September 2017
Where: Majura Winery, Lime Kiln Road, Majura ACT.


Stage 2: Kermesse
Majura Winery to Mt. Majura  |  Saturday 23rd September 2017

Men's A: 34.2km (6 Laps)
Men's B: 28.5km (5 Laps)
Men's C: 22.8km (4 Laps)
Men's D: 17.1km (3 Laps)

Women's A: 22.8km (4 Laps)
Women's B: 17.1km (3 Laps)

Date: Sat. 23 September 2017
Where: Majura Winery, Lime Kiln Road, Majura ACT.

Stage 3 - Criterium
Stromlo Forest Park Criterium Circuit  |  Sunday 24th September 2017

Men's A: 55mins + 2 Laps
Men's B: 45mins + 2 Laps
Men's C: 35mins + 2 Laps
Men's D: 30mins + 2 Laps

Women's A: 35mins + 2 Laps
Women's B: 30mins + 2 Laps

Course: Stromlo Forest Park Criterium Circuit
Date: Sun. 24 September 2017
Where: Stomlo Forest Park, Stromlo ACT.




Entry Fee

National Capital Ride: $40
National Capital Ride: $20 (for Cycling Australia Ride or Race membership holders)

National Capital Tour: $100**


Timing & Results

To view Live Results of National Capital Tour, go to

The National Capital Ride (21km) will not be timed, but there will be plenty of competition on Strava!



* For the National Capital Ride, "all levels" means you are able to ride the event distance (21km) on a road bike, and can ride confidently with other cyclists around you. You should be able to ride up a hill at a rate of at least 550m /hr for about half an hour. This is roughly equivalent to a time of 25mins up Black Mountain or Mt. Ainslie, a time of 9mins up Red Hill or the Arboretum, or a time of 19mins up Mt. Stromlo.

* For the National Capital Tour, "all levels" means the following club race grades: Men's A Grade, Men's B Grade, Men's C Grade, Men's D Grade, Women's A Grade, Women's B Grade. Cycling Australia regulations apply, including the use of an Australian Standard helmet.

** To enter the National Capital Tour, a Cycling Australia Race License is required (purchase here) and you will need your Cycling Australia login details. This is not required for the the National Capital Ride.


Disc Brakes

Bikes with disc brakes will be permitted in all categories of the 2017 National Capital Tour, after the recent Cycling Australia announcement.



Late entries are still open until 11:59PM on Thursday 21st September @ $150 (NatCap Tour), and $40 for National Capital Ride ($60 for non-CA-members).

To enter, click the button at the top of this screen.



The 2017 National Capital Tour program and Interim Grading Sheet now available to be downloaded here.


 21 September 2017 Course Update

In the interest of safety and due to an unforseeable safety hazard presenting this week - the risk of which the event organisers are not prepared to take - we have made a small modification to the South Turnpoint of Stage 1.

The Road Race route will turn left off Majura Road (southbound) into Majura Park at NRMA as originally-planned, but will now immediately make a right turn, to travel Southbound in front of (instead of behind) the vacant Masters Building, before exiting the Masters carpark onto Majura Road (the same exit point as originally-planned).



Event Details


Lime Kiln Road, Majura, ACT, Australia

Event Date:

Saturday 23 September 2017 to Sunday 24 September 2017
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