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Piako Triathlon 2018

The Piako Triathlon  takes place in Morrinsville  and is a great low cost way for both adults and children to experience a triathlon. For children there are limited numbers, a pool swim and a safe bike ride through a recreation reserve.  For adults there is a timed swim, road bike and park run. The adults and childrens' event are run separately.

Categories and distances are as follows. 



MAD COWS(Women)/RAGING BULLS (men):  Age 14 to Adult.  A great triathlon for beginners or anybody looking for a challenge with variety.  A pool swim, a scenic road ride then a beautiful leafy run. 


Swim 200m OR 30om - Bike 9.75km - Run 3.1km 



NOVI BOBBIES: Ages 6 and up , this is for children whose swimming ability is developing but who are not yet ready fro the big pool.  It also is the only category where parents are allowed to help in transition.

Swim 30m - Bike 1.4km - Run 1.1km

MINI MOOS: Suggested ages 6 - 10.  In the main pool swimming to halfway and back. Independent transition required.

Swim 50m - Bike 1.4km - Run 1.1km

CALF CLUB: Suggested ages 8 - 12. Ideal for those stepping up from the shorter distance or fitter children who like a challenge.

Swim 100m - Bike 2.8km - Run 2.1km

HOOF IT: Suggested ages 10 - 14yrs. Ideal for children who have completed triathlons before and are more competitive but not yet old enough to ride on an open road.

Swim 200m - Bike 4.2km - Run 2.1km


Points to Consider:

Swim - The shallow pool is a consistent 1m in depth for the Learners but the 50m outdoor pool for all other categories is 1.2m at its shallowest meaning that many younger children will be unable to stand. For that reason the turn point for Mini Moos and Calf Club is the 25m mark where there will be platforms to allow for resting and swim assistants will be in the water. Kickboards can be used by these categories if necessary. Hoof It and adults will snake up and down the full length of the pool.

Transition - The transition zone is off limits to spectators except the Novi Bobbie  area or where a child with a disability requires specialised assistance. Please purchase elastic laces for children who struggle to tie their laces and ensure they know how to identify their bike. Event officials will be on hand to help.

Bike - The adult bike leg leaves the recreation grounds via Avenue Road, turns left to Kuranui Road, then right onto Scott Road to the top before returning the same way.  The junior bike leg remains within the recreation ground and is a mixture of tarmac and grass riding unsuitable for race bikes. Where more than one lap is required entrants are responsible for counting their own laps.

Run - The run takes you across the Cureton St car park entrance and behind the tennis club before joining the top path of the River Walk.  Follow the River Walk before rejoining the recreation grounds on the polo field and heading back towards the car park. Again, where more than one lap is required, entrants are responsible for completing the correct number. 

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Saturday 18 March 2017 to Sunday 18 March 2018
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