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Mentone Parent Duty Roster 2017/18

Parental Assistance

To ensure the smooth running of the programs, it is vital that parents participate in our roster of officials and also in equipment set up and pack up.  Experienced people will be on hand to provide you with assistance.

We have all experienced being new at Little Athletics and understand a hesitancy to help.  Please be assured that you do not require experience in athletics to help out. 

Duties are compulsory and failure to attend these duties will result in forfeiture of you $50 duty bond and in extreme cases may result in your child not being able to compete and/or being ineligible for Centre awards.

Number of Duties Required:

1 or 2 children:         2 duties before Christmas break, 1 duty after (Round 10 onwards)

3 or more children:   3 duties before Christmas break, 2 duties after (Round 10 onwards)

Other Duties:

  • Set Up and Pack Up duties are allocated for each session by age group.  They are not part of the duty bond but assistance is still essential to the smooth running of each session.
  • You will also be allocated duties for each child registered to compete at Mentone Relay Day and Regional/State Championships.  These duties are not counted toward the tally of 3 (or 5) duties for normal sessions, but do need to be performed to qualify for the duty bond refund.                                                

Duty Bond Refund:

Duty bond refunds will occur at the end of the season, after the State Track and Field Championships.

To ensure that your duties are recorded please sign in with the Duty Coordinator who will allocate your duty for the morning.

Please CLICK HERE for the Weekly Parent Duty Roster if you have forgotten which sessions you have selected.

Some of the Duties essential to the running of our sessions are:

Starter's Marshall

Assemble athletes at start line for each track event, communicate with finish line

Finish Line Marshall

Issue lane discs, remove athletes safely from the track, assemble athletes at finish line area, escort in required order to recording tent and assist with barcode scanning.


Serve food & refreshments in the Club Canteen


Assist with cooking of BBQ

Data Entry

Assist with uploading results to the ResultsHQ website