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Level 1: Recreational Running Leader The Crest February 11.

Level 1 Recreational Running Leader.

The Level 1 Recreational Run Leader Course introduces how to lead a recreational run group under the guidance of a Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach or higher. In the course, participants learn the fundamental skills of running and how to design a warm up and cool down components of a session. 

Topics include the introduction to training runners, encouraging long-term participation, design or warm-up and cool down, fundamental skills or run, run training elements and how to successfully lead run groups.  

Pre requisites:

  • Australian Sports Commission online course Community Coaching General principles. Certificate of completion to be submitted to the course convener or facilitator.
  • Play by the Rules module Child Protection. This is a member protection policy requirement and must be completed to meet child safety regulations.
  • Until both of these certificates have been submitted the participant will be assessed as "not yet competent".


  • If the participant is a teacher, they are exempt from completing the online Community Coaching General Principles module but must complete the Play by the Rules Child Protection module.


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Course Details:

Date:  Sunday February 11, 2018

Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm

Location: The Crest Athletics Track. 70 McClean St, Georges Hall, NSW, 2198.


Course Fee:

Athletics NSW members: Participants must be a member of an Athletics NSW Club

  • $190 + ( 4.4 %  in merchant fees)

Non members:Participants are not members of an Athletics NSW Club

  • $210 (+ 4.4 %  in merchant fees)

Event Details

Event Date:

Sunday 11 February 2018
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