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2018 Senior Competition Entries

Welcome to the entry form for the 2018 Senior Competition.

Please Login with with your Member Details and then click 'Register Teams' to start the entry process. 


  1. Choose either "Men's Teams" or "Women's Team" and select the first team you would like to enter, read and agree to the Club Entry Declaration and then click 'Next'
  2. Check and update the information on the following page, then click 'Next' again.
  3. Confirm your club is entitled to enter this grade and enter the Team Coach and Manager Details if known  
  4. Choose whether this team will be participating in the Festival of Hockey weekend (Not applicable to Premier Teams)
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. On the following page,select 'Add another Team' if you need to add more entries or click 'Submit Now'. This will copy across the information you entered in Step 2. (Don't click on the 'Don't Click Here' button - that takes you to a new registration form where you will have to enter all your information again)
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 until you have finished adding all of your teams.
  8. Select either 'Submit Now and Pay Online' if you wish to pay the total amount via credit card (including an additional fee to cover the SportsTG Commission) OR select 'Submit Now' if you will be paying at a later date.
  9. Check the Transaction Summary page to ensure you have entered all of your teams and then click 'Submit Now'
  10. A confirmation page will show that you have successfully entered your teams into the 2018 Senior Competition and you will receive a confirmation email for each team that you have entered.



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Saturday 7 April 2018 to Sunday 19 August 2018
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