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Event Specific Coaching with TTP Coaches

In conjunction with the Junior Athletics Championships, Athletics Australia is delighted to offer a comprehensive selection of free event-specific Professional Development opportunities. 

All Accredited Athletics Coaches are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend. Sessions will be delivered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A full timetable of PD sessions is available below. 

Friday 7:30am to 8:30am

Javelin with Mike Barber: Developing athleticism, rhythm and feel in Javelin.

Middle Distance with Lisa Verstraten: Using the coaches eye to assess the running shoe.

High Jump with Nenad Peisker: Training the young high jumper.

Hammer with Bre Clement: Hammer Throw 101.

Sprints with Sebastian Kuzminski: Sprint drills - what is the purpose and function?

Saturday 7:30am to 8:30am

Long and Triple Jump with Lee Derby: Competition warm ups and jumping problem solving.

Hurdles with Peter Benifer: Hurdle 1 to 4 - how to get it right and common mistakes.

Sprints with Chris Brennan: Hips - the base for power application.

Middle Distance with Lindsay Watson: Drills for the Middle Distance athlete and their importance.

Shot Put with Chris Gaviglio: Shot Putting 101.

Coaching Para-athletes with Sebastian Kuzminski and Steve Caddy: Opportunities, development and reward.

Pole Vault with James Fitzpatrick: Functional strength development for performance and injury prevention.


Sunday 7:30am to 8:30am

Sprints with Mike Hurst: 400m - the technical and tactical perspective.

Long and Triple Jump with Andrew Murphy: Plyometrics, drills and prehab for jumpers. 

Discus with Kim Mulhall

Middle Distance with Peter Bock


VENUE:  Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

COST:    Free of Charge for Accredited Athletics Coaches

 *Subject to availability - please keep an eye out on your emails if you nominate for these sessions.


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Friday 16 March 2018 to Sunday 18 March 2018
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