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Barrett Drive Cyclocross

Friday April 20, 2018: Barrett Drive lights up with the first ever Barrett Drive Cyclocross.

This will be a short and sharp interlude in the Barrett Drive Mile, starting at 7:30pm sharp for 20 minutes of fast and furious racing in the Lasseter's Carpark. The course will be a 500m lap of the carpark, going up gutters, down stairs and over obstacles. Riders will do laps of the course until the 20 minute mark, when a bell will go for the last lap. The first riders of the line with the most laps will take home the glory!

There will be Male and Female, Junior and Senior classes. Under-17 riders class as juniors.

Competitors must sign on no later than 7pm at the Convention Centre carpark. Rider must hold a current Cycling Australia Ride or Race, Mountain Bike Australia, or BMX race License. Go to the CA membership page for more information Here, or the MTBA membership page here

Please note that you must register online. There will be no registrations on the night.

Entry is $15, with $5 going to the Butterfly Connection, a local Alice Springs Charity. Visit their Facebook site Here.

What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross is best described as a bike race mixing riding and running, with competitors dismounting for obstacles along the course. Riders can use any type of bike, but in Alice Springs we recommend mountain bikes for the sandy conditions. The really brave riders can use a road or hybrid bike, or a dedicated CX bike (like a road bike but with fatter tyres and disc brakes). Basically, it's all about good fun riding with the extra challenge of fast dismounting or bunny-hopping obstacles and sharp cornering

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Lasseter's Casino, Barrett Drive, Alice Springs

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Friday 20 April 2018
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