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Level 1 Community Athletics Coach. Saturday June 16 2018.

Level 1 Community Athletics Coach.

This is the entry level for all Accredited Athletic Coaches.  The course introduces the fundamental skills of running, jumping & throwing as well as exploring how to engage athletes in long term participation and how to coach skills to beginner athletes. 

This qualification is certified by the Australian Sports Commission and allows participants to be nationally accredited as a community coach which is transferable to other sports engaging in the community coach program. The course includes one day of face to face training as well as the online Community Coach General Principles course.

After completing the Level 1 Community Athletics Coach course, 30 hours of coaching needs to be undertaken prior to entering Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach.


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  • Participants must be 16 years of age to be accredited as a Level 1 Community Athletics Coach. 
  • Complete Australian Sports Commission’s ‘Community Coaching General Principles Course’. Certificate of completion is to be submitted to the course facilitator on the day.
  • Complete the Play by the Rules module 'Child Protection'.



  • If you are a teacher, you are exempt from completing the online Community Coaching General Principles module but must still provide the Play by the Rules 'Child Protection' module certificate.


Course Details:

Date:           Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Time:           8.30am - 5.30pm 

Location:      Barton Park. 114 Gladstone St, North Parramatta, NSW, 2151.


Course Fee:

Athletics NSW members: Participants must be a member of an Athletics NSW club.

  • $220 + ( 4.4 %  in merchant fees)

Non members:Participants are not members of an Athletics NSW club

  • $240 (+ 4.4 %  in merchant fees)




The Introduction to Coaching Course (ITCC) is designed to help participants become better placed to assist children to perform basic athletics skills. The ITCC is a practical coaching course designed for Little Athletics and conducted on behalf of Little Athletics Australia. It covers how to teach basic working models for each event on the Little Athletics program. Participants will be shown event-specific drills, games and activities relevant to the target age group. This course is particularly suitable for parents, school teachers, those looking to assist at Little Athletics Centres and prepare students for school athletics carnivals. 


The ITCC course will be held following the Level 1 Community Athletics Coaching course Sunday, June 17, 2018. This is an excellent opportunity to further develop your practical knowledge of Athletics event groups.  


Your registration for the Level 1 Community Athletics Course allows you to register for the Introduction to Coaching Course for $50, which is almost 50% off the full course fee of $95. 


Event Details

Event Date:

Saturday 16 June 2018
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