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DAY 1 - Sunday 11 November

Southern Vales Archery Club, Morphett Vale

  • 10am to 1pm       Registration
  • 10am to 1pm       Official Practice
  • 10am to 1pm       Equipment Inspection
  • 1pm to 2pm         Official Opening
  • 2pm to 3pm         Official Practice


DAY 2 – Monday 12 November

Southern Vales Archery Club, Morphett Vale

  • 10am       Day 1 Target event (TC900)

Great Southern Archers, Goolwa

  • 7pm           Indoor – sign in by 7pm for a 7.15pm start - not included in Championships but offered as an extra event


DAY 3 – Tuesday 13 November

Southern Vales Archery Club, Morphett Vale

  • 10am         Day 2 Target event (reverse TC900)
  • 2pm           Medal Presentation


DAY 4 – Wednesday 14 November

Southern Vales Archery Club, Morphett Vale

  • 10am      Match Play
  • 12n         Presentation to winners
  • 1pm        Upright Crossbow Tournament (see below for information) – not included in Championships but offered as an extra event
  • 3pm        Presentation of prizemoney to winners
  • 3.30pm   Iron Maiden (see below for information) – not included in Championships but offered as an extra event
  • 5pm        Presentation of prizemoney to winner
  • 5.30pm   Australian Crossbowers Meeting with dinner BBQ available


DAY 5 – Thursday 15 November

Great Southern Archers, Strathalbyn

  • 10am      Forest Round (marked)
  • 2pm        Medal presentation
  • 3pm        Closing Ceremony


DAY 6 – Friday 16 November

  • No official day program - Winery tours available or free to sightsee

Mick O’Shea’s Irish Pub, Main South Rd Hackham

  • 6pm        Group Dinner



  • Entries close on 14/10/2018
  • Entries withdrawn up to 14/10/2018 will be refunded, less 20% of the fees paid.
  • Entries withdrawn after 14/10/2018 will not be refunded except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Organising Committee.
  • Entries and payments are only available electronically.



The closing date is 14/10/2018 no late entries will be accepted.



It will be necessary to show your proof of membership to either Archery Australia at the time of sign in.  Failure to provide this proof may result in you being refused permission to compete in the event.

Information about acceptable forms of proof of membership can be found at either the Archery Australia Shooting Rules or at the Archery Australia Website at the following link:



All competitors must complete the online Entry Form.

All competitors must complete the ARCHERY AUSTRALIA Photographic/Media Consent Form as part of your entry. A copy of the form will be available at Registration.

All Junior competitors (under the age of 18) must have a parent/guardian an ARCHERY AUSTRALIA Parent/Guardian Consent Form. A copy of the form will be available at Registration.



It is the competitor’s responsibility to arrange and pay for accommodation and meals.

Accommodation near Southern Vales Archery Club are:

  • Mick O’Shea’s Irish Pub and Motel, Main South Rd Hackham
  • Christie Beach Tourist Park, Sydney Cres Christie Beach
  • St Francis Winery, Bridge St Reynella
  • The Lonsdale Hotel, Sherriffs Rd Lonsdale

Accommodation near Great Southern Archers field venue are:

  • Victoria Hotel, Albyn St Strathalbyn
  • Strath Motel, North Pde Strathalbyn



A $100 Appeal fee applies to each appeal and is required to be paid on the lodgement of the appeal. If the appeal is successful, the fee will be refunded. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the fee will be retained by the Organising Committee or refunded at its discretion.



Lunches are being catered each day and may consist of a combination of sandwiches/rolls, BBQ, and/or store-bought food. Lunches must be ordered each morning, if not ordered prior to commencement of competition lunches cannot be guaranteed. Snacks, drinks, etc are available for purchase throughout the day at the canteen. Southern Vales Archery Club has a liquor licence and you may purchase alcohol ONLY AFTER the completion of shooting each day.




  • Day 1 and Day 2
  • 90 bolts with 30 bolts shot at each of 65m, 55m & 45m on a 60cm face.
  • Ends of 3 bolts are shot in 3 minutes.
  • Practice: 2 ends of 3 bolts in five minutes at the start of the day and 1 end of 3 bolts in 5 minutes at the beginning of each distance.
  • Day 1 distances shot – longest to shortest.
  • Day 2 distances shot – shortest to longest.


  • Day 1 (at 7pm)
  • $15 Line Fee
  • Aust 18m
  • This is not part of the National tournament but offered as interesting addition to the event


  • Day 3
  • Free Entry
  • Match Play Crossbow Shooting is a knock out competition comprising of a series of one-on-one shoot-offs.
  • The competitors are not ranked and will be randomly selected for the Match Play. The winner of each round will progress to the next round. The highest ranked competitor will compete against the lowest ranked competitor (2nd v 7th, 3rd v 6th, etc) with the winner of the 9 bolt shoot-off progressing to the next round. This continues until the gold medalist has been decided.


  • Day 3 (after Matchplay)

The Upright Crossbow Tournament consists of a blend of target and field faces on targets set at various distances across the range.
Hawaiian shirts must be worn in honour of Ted!


  • Entrants must wear Hawaiian shirt!
  • Entrants must provide details and photo of crossbow for entry to be accepted (email photo and details to
  • The bow being used must match exactly to the one in the photo provided at time of entry
  • There is only one category for the competition
  • There is no distinction between male and female competitors
  • Entry Fee $20.00 is payable with entry form
  • $10 from every entry goes to Prize pool
  • Prize pool increases with each additional entry
  • Prize money awarded for 1st to 5th placegetters
  • Minimum prize pool of $200.00


  • 3 bolts per end
  • 3 minutes per end
  • 12 Targets at varying distances


  • Foam targets will be used
  • Photo of crossbow must be a clear colour photo taken on the day of entry
  • Target Crossbows permitted only
  • No broadhead arrows permitted
  • No home made crossbows permitted
  • Bolts must be within WCSA regulation


  • The Upright Crossbow Tournament is NOT a ranking event
  • Organising Committee’s decisions on any matter are final
  • No appeals apply

This tournament is proudly sponsored by The Safety Assistant and Roundabout Driving School



  • Day 3 (after Upright Tournament)
  • Additional $20 entry fee
  • This competition has prizemoney for 1st place winner
  • This is not part of the National tournament but offered as interesting addition to the event
  • One bolt per archer only

Picture this
The White 1 Ring is made of are only allowed one arrow… shoot..…it hits inside the 1 Ring…..relief…..
Now the metal White 2 Ring is added… still only have one arrow… shoot…..???
Let’s add a metal Black 3 Ring, and then a metal Black 4 Ring, then the Blue 5 Ring…..
There’s no denying the clink of arrow on metal

Hit the metal and you’re out

Get the idea

When the last ring added is the Gold 9 Ring and the hole is a mere 60mm across
The pressure builds
The shooting line goes quiet
Last wo(man) standing wins the prizemoney!

Entry Fee $20.00 is payable with entry form

$10 from every entry goes to Prize pool

Prize pool increases with each additional entry

You can only bring one bolt to the competition

Below is the link of our Crossbowers enjoying the Iron Maiden in 2017



  • Day 4
  • 24 forest targets are set out on a field course. Each competitor shoots 2 bolts at each target before scoring and moving to the next target.



In order to present the best possible image for our sport, to our sponsors and to the general public, the Organising Committee will be enforcing ARCHERY AUSTRALIA Rules (7.11) in respect of athlete’s dress.



All entrants must have a current Archery Australia or Archery Alliance and or World Crossbow Shooting Association membership. It is the competitor's responsibly to comply with all State, National and Australian legal requirements for possession, use and importation of their crossbow.



Medals will be awarded in accordance with the ARCHERY AUSTRALIA Rules (3.1.4). These will be awarded and presented at the venues on completion of the event.



Official Practice is offered on Sunday 11 November between 10am and 1pm at the Southern Vales Archery Club grounds.



The results will be distributed at the Presentation and also be published on the ARCHERY AUSTRALIA website (



All events will be conducted to WCSA & ARCHERY AUSTRALIA Rules, as appropriate.

WCSA Rules:

Archery Australia Rules:



Transport arrangements are the responsibility of entrants. 

Events will be held at the following venues:

Southern Vales Archery Club

  • Venue for Target, Matchplay, Upright, Iron Maiden, and Meeting
  • Cnr States & Wheatsheaf Rds Morphett Vale SA 5162

Great Southern Archers

  • Venue for Indoor
  • Gymnasium at Investigator College, Glendale Grove, Goolwa 5214

Great Southern Archers

  • Venue for Field
  • Forrest Rd Strathalbyn SA 5255

Mick O’Sheas Irish Pub

  • Venue for Group Dinner
  • Main South Rd Hackham SA 5163



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Wednesday 31 December 2025
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