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2018 NSW Club Team Time Trial Championships


Event Date: Saturday 21 July 2018

Venue: Nowra Airport, Wugan St (off Braidwood Rd), Parma NSW 2540 (click here)

Closing Date: Wednesday 11 July 2018 (No Late Entries)

Entry Fee Per Team:

  • $75 - JM17, JW17
  • $150 - JM19, JW19, U23M, Elite Men, Elite Women, Men Masters, Women Masters

Start Time: 

  • 07:30am - Sign-on
  • 09:00am - First Team (Start revised to 9am to allow teams time to arrive as we have similar volume to 2017)


  1. 09:00 | JM17 | 20km
  2. 09:20 | Elite Men | 80km
  3. 09:40 | JM19 | 40km
  4. 09:42 | Sassafras Men | 40km
  5. 10:08 | Elite Women | 40km
  6. 10:14 | Sassafras Mixed | 40km
  7. 10:40 | Sassafras Women | 40km
  8. 11:04 | WMAS All Ages | 40km
  9. 11:30 | MMAS 180+ | 40km
  10. 11:44 | WMAS 140+ | 40km
  11. 11:58 | MMAS 150+ | 40km
  12. 12:54 | MMAS All Ages | 40km

Please note: for the WMAS140+, MMAS150+ and MMAS180+ categories, the cumulative age of the youngest 3 riders must be at least 140, 150 and 180 years respectively. 

Course Maps: follow the links below to view the course maps:

Prizes: Cycling NSW State Championship Medals


  • JW17, JM17, JW19, JM19, U/23M, Elite Women, Elite Men, Womens Masters & Men Masters.
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2018 ages effective from 1st October 2017. Click here for a breakdown of 2018 age categories.
  • Financial Cycling Australia 'RACE' members. Valid membership card must be presented at sign-on.
  • Elite categories are open to Elite Race members only. Day memberships may apply - please note below.
  • CA 'RIDE' & Regional members will only be eligible to compete in the Championship event if they purchase a One Day 'RACE' membership for $40 through this entry portal. They will be eligible to race in categories as per their age only.
  • MTBA, BMXA and TRI teams will only be eligible to compete in the non-championship Sassafrass Challenge TTT (click here) event on a 'RIDE' day membership.
  • By entering this event you are opting in to receive promotional material from Elite Energy Pty Ltd regarding this event and future Elite Energy promotions.
  • Elite Energy promotions are separate from those of Cycling NSW. If you wish to opt out prior to the event please make note in the Additional Information section upon entry or email before 11 July 2018.

Please note: The technical regulations require you to have been a financial member of the club you are competing with for at least 2 months prior to the event, and must not have competed in any Open or Championship event for another club during this year.


  1. All riders in a team must be from the same club.
  2. Six (6) riders may be nominated with a maximum of four (4) to present at the line (minimum of three (3) riders must start and finish).
  3. All riders must wear the same kit.
  4. Kits worn must be either:
    • Club kit - kit must be of consistent design, e.g. club kits of different years with drastically different designs will not be accepted;
    • CNSW sanctioned kit - so long as one of the riders in that team is registered to wear the sponsored kit. (click here); or
    • Neutral kit - black and/or white with no discernable logos (i.e logos can not be larger 25cm² i.e 5cm x 5cm).
    • Refer to CNSW TR9.5 for further details.


  1. Choose a Team Manager and a Team Name.
  2. Team Manager to click "Login" above.
  3. Select Team Classification.
  4. Team Manager nominates up to six (6) team members. Minimum of three (3) nominations.
  5. Upon entry, the team manager must input the following personal details of each team member:
    • CA Member Number
    • First Name & Surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Email
    • Phone Number
  6. Team manager must ensure all information provided is 100% correct to ensure the team entry is valid.
  7. If there are any 'RIDE' members on the team, on the 'Merchandise' page select the number of One Day 'RACE' memberships required.
  8. Submit Now & Pay Online using a credit card or PayPal.
  9. Your entry is now complete.

Please note: CNSW must submit the team list of all teams entered into the Championships to their respective club committee for approval. Consider your team entry valid unless otherwise notified.


To minimise congestion on the day, only Team Managers will need to present at the sign-on desk.

Team Managers will need to:

  1. collect their team form from the sign-on desk;
  2. indicate which 4 riders will be starting and collect those members' Cycling Australia licences;
  3. arrange for each of the starting riders to sign the team form;
  4. for every starter who is a RIDE member and has not pre-purchased a RACE Day membership, pay an additional $40 per RIDE member at registration to cover the cost. Additional forms will also need to be filled out and submitted at the same time. To minimise congestion at the sign-on desk, please ensure any RIDE Members pre-purchase a RACE Day membership through the registration portal;
  5. submit the team form and licences to the sign-on desk at least 30 minutes before the team's allocated start time;
  6. receive 4 transponder tags and race numbers (Please note that the transponder numbers and race numbers need not match - all numbers and transponders in the pack have been allocated to your team, each starter just needs to fix a transponder to their bike and wear a number on their back). Managers that have not returned all numbers by the end of the event will be billed a $100 replacement fee per number.

Note: Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Once the form is lodged, changes will not be accepted. Your team will not ride until all starters hold a CA RACE membership.



Team time is based on the third rider to cross the line. Results will be posted on a notice board away from the finish line. Do not approach the timing team seeking results. 

Technical Regulations: CNSW Technical Regulations- NSW Club Team Time Trial Championships

Bike Checking:

  • Bikes must adhere to the UCI Time Trial Position Regulations.
  • Riders can have the bike checked by the commissaires at any point throughout the day to ensure it meets the above regulations.
  • All bikes must have a 'Final Check' by the appointed commissaire 20 mins prior to the team's allocated start time.
  • Once the bikes have had their final check they will be put in a holding area and remain there until the team starts. There will be room to continue warming-up in the holding area.
  • Please ensure you allow ample time to have your bike ready to ride before your allocated start time.

Team Support Vehicles: 

Cycling NSW Technical regulations allow for a team support vehicle to follow their team riders during the event. Team vehicles will only be permitted to do so providing they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All convoy vehicles must be equipped and fitted with orange flashing warning lights, two-way radios, race signage on the front or rear of the vehicle displaying either “Cyclists Ahead” or “Cyclists Following”.
  • Each occupant within a support vehicle must be financially affiliated member of Cycling Australia. The driver must also be in possession of a current Drivers license.
  • A Team support vehicle must not draw level with a team and must remain at least 20 meters from the team or third rider thereof, should that rider lag behind.
  • At no time is a team member permitted to take pace from a support vehicle or another team/rider not part of their team.
  • Only sanctioned team vehicles are permitted to be on the course while the event is in progress.
  • Team vehicles must remain conscious of through traffic requirements and must not impede public traffic flows. A Team vehicle should at all times pull over to the left of the road where safe to do so, allowing following traffic to pass their vehicle and their riders in a safe and orderly manner.

Points Allocation: Click here to view the 2018 club road championship points allocation table.

Past Winners Club Team Time Trial Champions Shield:

  • 2017 - St George CC
  • 2016 - St George CC
  • 2015 - Sutherland Shire CC
  • 2014 - Sutherland Shire CC
  • 2013 - Manly Warringah CC
  • 2012 - Sutherland Shire CC
  • 2011 - Penrith CC 

Accommodation: Click here for Cycling NSW member discounted accommodation with Choice Hotels Australasia ™ 


Why not make a weekend of it? 

Click here to enter the Ride for Robbie Graded Scratch Races running on Sunday 22 July 2018 starting in the same location as the TTTs!




The Sassafras Challenge Team Time Trial event is a recreational event open to CA RIDE members. MTBA, BMXA and TRI teams will also be eligible to compete in the Sassafras Challenge TTT event on a One Day 'RIDE' membership.

Click here to access the entry portal for the Sassafras Challenge TTT.


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Event Date:

Saturday 21 July 2018
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