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2018 Ride For Robbie - Nowra to Sassafras Graded Scratch Races


Event Date: Sunday 22 July 2018

Venue:  Nowra Airport, Wugan St (off Braidwood Rd), Parma NSW 2540 (click here)

Closing Date: Wednesday 11 July 2018 *ENTRIES EXTENDED* until Sunday 15th July 2018

Entry Fee: $70

On the Line Entries:

  • On-the-line entries will be accepted with a late entry fee totalling $90.
  • Only financial Cycling Australia RACE members will be eligible to enter on the day.
  • Late entries will be taken at the sign-on area until 8:30am. No late entries will be accepted after 8:30am.

Start Time: 

  • 7:45am - Sign-on
  • 9:00am - First Race


  1. 9:00am - Division 1 Men (90km)
  2. 9:10am - Division 2 Men (90km)
  3. 10:00am - Division 3 Men (70km)
  4. 10:10am - Open Women (70km)
    (Multiple women's grades will be considered at the promoter's discretion if numbers are sufficient)
  5. 10:20am - Division 4 Men (70km)

Please note: start times are subject to change. Please check this page regularly for any changes.

Course Map: 

Prize Money: $2,000 worth of prize money!


  • Financial Cycling Australia RACE members only.
  • Triathlon Australia members only are eligible to compete on a Cycling Australia One Day RACE membership at a cost of $40.
  • Triathlon Australia members competing in Saturday's Sassafras Challenge TTT can purchase a two-day membership through the Sassafras Challenge TTT entry portal at a discounted cost of $40. This includes a One Day RIDE membership (Saturday) and a One Day RACE membership (Sunday).
  • Unlike the Team Time Trial events, Cycling Australia RIDE, MTBA, BMXA and non-members are NOT eligible to compete unless they upgrade to a full annual Cycling Australia RACE membership. Do not attempt to enter with or purchase a One Day RACE membership, as it will not be valid.  Licence upgrades can be obtained by contacting Cycling Australia at (03) 9998 6810 and submitting a membership upgrade application.
  • By entering this event you are opting in to receive promotional material from Elite Energy Pty Ltd regarding this event and future Elite Energy promotions.
  • Elite Energy promotions are separate from those of Cycling NSW. If you wish to opt out prior to the event please make note in the Additional Information section upon entry or email before 11 July 2018.


One Day RACE Membership:

If you hold a current Triathlon Australia membership you will be eligible to compete in the Ride for Robbie Graded Scratch Races if you purchase a One Day RACE membership for $40. To minimise congestion at registration on the day, please pre-purchase your One Day RACE membership by adding +1 to the Merchandise item through the online entry portal.

Two Day insurance cover for Triathlon Australia members:

A discount on One Day memberships is available for Triathlon Australia members wishing to take part in both the Sassafras Challenge TTT and Ride for Robbie Graded Scratch Races over the weekend. The offer includes a One Day RIDE and a One Day RACE membership for a total of $40. 

To be eligible for this offer you must be a current Triathlon Australia Member and must participate in the TTT on Saturday.

To access this offer, a One Day RIDE membership must be purchased upon entering the Sassafras Challenge. Once this has been purchased you will be able to purchase the $29 One Day RACE membership upon entering this event.

Thanks to Elite Energy Pty. Ltd. this offer is available for these events only. Take advantage of it while you can! 

Please note: if anyone is found to have purchased the $29 One Day RACE membership through the Ride for Robbie portal without purchasing a One Day RIDE membership in the TTT portal they will be contacted to complete payment of the 2 Day membership. 



  • The men's field will be handicapped into Divisions by the NSW State Handicapper based on State Grade and ability.
  • Multiple women's grades wil be considered if sufficient numbers are entered. This will be determined by the promoter.

Feeding and follow vehicles

  • There is strictly no feeding on the course.
  • Officially designated vehicles on the course only - any unofficial vehicles found following the event may attract sanctions against the riders being supported. If you wish to follow the race, please volunteer for a spares vehicle.

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Why not make a weekend of it?

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Click here to enter the Sassafras Challenge on Saturday 21 July 2018, the non-championship team time trial challenge starting in the same location as the Ride for Robbie.



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