Level 2 Advanced Coach - RPL Application


The Level 2 Advanced Coach RPL is for coaches who are already able to meet and demonstrate the expected competencies below:


2-AEGS-1: Display behaviours and standards expected of a coach, and self-evaluate to improve their coaching performance.

2-AEGS-2: Develop and review a coaching plan for the season.

2-AEGS-3: Mange the safety requirements of coaching.

2-AEGS-4: Demonstrate a range of coaching methods and communication techniques.

2-AEGS-5: Adapt a coaching program to include and cater for a range of individual needs.

2-AEGS-6: Assist athletes to develop and improve skills specific for performance in the chosen event group.

2-AEGS-7: Develop activities to improve an athlete's physical qualities. 

2-AEGS-8: Recognise structures and movement of the body in order to analyse performance. 

2-AEGS-9: Take into account growth and development considerations when coaching a range of athletes. 

2-AEGS-10: Assist athletes to use nutritional strategies for achieving sports performance.

2-AEGS-11: Use basic psychological training skills to assist athletes prepare for sports performance.

2-AEGS-12: Advise athletes regarding anti-doping issues. 



Components to Complete (Primary competencies demonstrated for each component): 

1) Pre-Course Modules - Complete all assessment tasks of the Pre-Course module.
(2-AEGS-4, 2-AEGS-5, 2-AEGS-6, 2-AEGS-9, 2-AEGS-11)

2) Post-Course Modules - Complete all modules included in the Post-Course Unit.
(2-AEGS-3, 2-AEGS-7, 2-AEGS-8, 2-AEGS-9, 2-AEGS-10, 2-AEGS-11)

3) 6-Week Training Program - Complete a six week training program for your chosen event.
(2-AEGS-5, 2-AEGS-6, 2-AEGS-7)

4) Level 1 ASADA - Complete and submit evidence of your completion of the Level 1 ASADA online course.
(2-AEGS-3, 2-AEGS-12)

5) Self-Reflection - Complete a written or video diary that reflects your coaching experience and thoughts on your performance as a coach.
(2-AEGS-1, 2-AEGS-2)

6) References from Senior Coaches - Submit references from other coaches that you work with that support your application for Level 2 Advanced Coach accreditation. Include details of two athletes that you have coached and the progress that they have made under your care.
(2-AEGS-2, 2-AEGS-3, 2-AEGS-4, 2-AEGS-6, 2-AEGS-7, 2-AEGS-9)

7) Coaching Resume  - Submit your own coaching resume outlining your experiences and previous education that contribute to your coaching expertise. This is a non-assessed component but designed to prepare you for the process of applying for Level 3 courses if you choose to proceed.


Cost: $156

Refund: The registration fee is non-refundable once you have submitted components of the RPL for assessment. 

Expected time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

You must be a minimum of 22 years old to apply for RPL.