Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach - RPL Application


The Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach RPL is for coaches who are already able to meet and demonstrate the expected competencies below:


2-IRR-1: Monitor and adopt the training environment to ensure inclusive and safe activity that is both enjoyable and challenging for recreational runners in clubs, squads, groups, and individual training situations.

2-IRR-2: Evaluate and identify appropriate activities in accordance with the physical, emotional, and social maturation of the recreational runners in their program.

2-IRR-3: Vary training activities to maintain a stimulating and engaging training environment. 

2-IRR-4: Provide suitable feedback on performance for groups and individuals during training sessions. 

2-IRR-5: Communicate effectively in group and individual situations. 

2-IRR-6: Use appropriate methods, drills, and activities to instruct appropriate technical models to recreational runners. 

2-IRR-7: Plan and evaluate a training session and make appropriate adjustments for subsequent sessions. 

2-IRR-8: Plan and implement a variety of activities that will develop the components of fitness into training sessions. 



Components to Complete (Primary competencies demonstrated for each component): 

1) Pre-Course Work- Complete all assessment tasks of the Pre-Course module.
(2-IRR-2, 2-IRR-4, 2-IRR-5, 2-IRR-6, 2-IRR-7)

2) Assignment - Complete all three scenarios for the prescribed runners.
(2-IRR-1, 2-IRR-2, 2-IRR-6, 2-IRR-7)

3) 8-Week Training Program - Complete an eight week training program for one of two nominated scenarios.
(2-IRR-1, 2-IRR-2, 2-IRR-3, 2-IRR-6, 2-IRR-8)

4) Level 2 IRR Declaration Form - Complete and submit your completed declaration form. 


Cost: $99

Refund: The registration fee is non-refundable once you have submitted components of the RPL for assessment. 

Expected time to Complete: 1.5 Hours

You must be a minimum of 21 years old to apply for RPL.