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2018 Spring Novice Program

If you are a Vikings member please use your Cycling Australia login and password to Login.  If you are not yet a member please go to the Costs and licences tab and see what you need to do.

The Novice Program is aimed at bringing new riders into the world of road cycling and racing.

The program has been running since 2006 and has proved its ability to prepare riders for a safe and successful first season of racing. Over 9 weeks we will teach you about safety, bunch riding skills, and race tactics while also helping to motivate you to improve your fitness.  The cost of this program is $150 (Plus the cost of a Cycling Australia Licence).

There is a focus on progression at a pace that challenges the individual and as such we can cater to many different abilities and the program has successful club riders as well as those who've gone on to international fame. But most importantly the program is about meeting fellow cyclophiles and having a lot of fun. 

The Novice Program is perfect for you if you ride your bike regularly and are keen to improve skills, fitness and confidence and would like to give racing a go when you are ready.

You will require:

  • a Cycling Australia Ride or Race licence (go to the Costs and licences tab)
  • a helmet with an Standards Australia sticker inside
  • rear and front lights
  • a road bike with drop handlebars
  • cycling shoes with cleats (and matching pedals) are highly recommended but not essential.

The program is for novices to road cycling as a group and racing. If you are interested in more basic 'how to ride' skills then investigate the excellent courses offered by Pedal Power and Cycle Education.

The Novice Program consists of:

  • One weekly training session (Tuesdays or Thursdays)
  • One weekly bunch ride (Fridays from Week 3)

All training and info sessions are run by highly experienced coaches with assistance from club mentors. Group rides will be mentored by club members to give you a friendly introduction to the Friday Club bunch ride - "The Norman".

Due to demand we will run two groups with training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6am (arrive 5 min early) and concludes no later than 7:15am. We will aim to group faster riders into the Thursday sessions but will always ride with a 'nobody gets left behind' philosophy so don't stress if you can only attend Thursdays and feel you're not up to the 'fast bunch'

The program starts with an Information Night at 6:30pm Thursday 6 September at The Canberra Club, 51 Blackall St, Barton.

The first week of practical sessions starts Tuesday 18 September, at Stromlo Forrest Park criterium track. More information will be provided at the Information Night, followed with emails to registered participants.

Weekly venues will vary across the sessions.


Program Structure:

Week Locaiton Session Theme Details & Drills
Week 1
Tues 18 Sept
Thurs 20 Sept
SFP We can do this
Beginner safety: starting from rest and stopping to rest, hand positions, where to look, bike fit, gear selection
Week 2
Tues 25 Sept
Thurs 27 Sept
SFP Follow the leader
Bunch intro: bunch riding practice single file, safe spacing, communication in verbal and non-verbal forms, ideal line
Week 3
Tues 2 Oct
Thurs 4 Oct
SFP Roll on
Skills practice: riding two abreast, speed dating formation
Week 4
Thurs 9 Oct
Thurs 11 Oct
SFP "Quit half-wheelin' me man!"
Bunch etiquette: wheel overlap, half wheeling, bumping elbows, using partner
Week 5
Tues 16 Oct
Thurs 18 Oct
SFP Pick up the pace
Buch riding practice: lets do this with a little more speed
Week 6
Tues 23 Oct
Thurs 25 Oct
SFP Locked and loaded
Novice Norman: It’s time. What did you learn from your first Norman? Recap and practice.
Week 7
Tues 30 Oct
Thurs 1 Nov
SFP Nice guys finish last
Special guest coach: Approaches to racing, both mental and physical
Week 8
Tues 6 Nov
Thurs 8 Nov
SFP Skills, Drills and Thrills 1 Race tactics
Week 9
Tues 13 Nov
Thurs 15 Nov
SFP Skills, Drills and Thrills 2 Race Practice




Short film on the Vikings Novice Program


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Event Date:

Monday 17 September 2018 to Friday 23 November 2018
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