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Summer Hockey Pre-Xmas (2018)

Canterbury Hockey Association

Pre-Xmas Summer Social 6 aside Hockey 2018

Registrations Close: 8 October 2018, 8.30am


Monday 29 October 2018


Monday 3 December 2018

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Tuesday 4 December 2018



The Game

  • Games for 6 weeks (Note: there are no “reserve days”); your choice of either Mondays or Tuesdays
  • Note: A limit on entries maybe necessary due to turf availability
  • 6-a-side. Play on a half-field (quarter field for juniors). Games will be 12 min halves
  • Teams are encouraged to be mixed gender and social
  • Players do not have to belong to any club and do not need to have played hockey previously
  • Teams may be a group of friends, family, workmates, school, business, etc.
  • Adult-graded teams, split into 3 competitions, must have at least two females on the field at all times

o   Adult Novice – No more than 3 hockey players who play on a regular basis

o   Adult Intermediate – 3 or more hockey players who play on a regular basis

o   Adult Experienced – 3 players who play winter Div 2 Level or above



 Summer Social Hockey is all about fun and enjoyment; the rules are simple

  1. Usual hockey rules set the basis for playing
  2. Six players on the field at one time
  3. Goalkeepers allowed, but not essential
  4. All defending players behind the goal line at a penalty corner
  5. No hitting, however sweep hitting is permitted. To avoid dangerous play the ball cannot be lifted
  6. Umpires will not call minor infringements except in the circle to allow for continuity of play
  7. Any number of substitutions are allowed



  • Cancellations, if needed, will be advised as early as possible; notification will be via the  Canterbury Hockey Facebook Page, and website, and via email if possible


Game Fees

Junior Grades (Year 3 -4, Year 5-6)

$105 per team


Intermediate (Year 7-8) & Secondary (Year 9-13) Grades

$185 per team


Open Grades (Adult Novice, Adult Intermediate & Adult Experienced)

$260 per team