Pro-League 2019


ELIGIBILITY.......players are eligible to nominate if they meet one of the following conditions:

- returning player from the 2018 program. Returning players remain in their existing team and do not participate in the draft process.

- player of League Age 16 (DOB 1/9/02 - 31/8/03) who qulaifies for SLSC (plays 60% of their Senior League club team's schedule) and tries out fir their SLSC tournament team.

- players of League age 17 or 18 (DOB 1/9/00 - 31/8/02)

- any member of the 2019 state womens open team



-all players nominated will be drafted into teams during the SLSC tournament 2019.



- program cost for 2019 is $425 per player.

- all players are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 at registration.

- remaining balance to be paid prior to the program commecnign in Term 2 2019.