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2019 ARCHERY SA Lord Mayors Trophy Teams Shoot - Club Entry Only

Commences 11.00 am

Open to all Clubs affiliated to ARCHERY SA

Round: Southern Cross (90 arrows @ 55 metres)


  • Compound (1st & 2nd Divisions)
  • Recurve (1st & 2nd Divisions)
  • Longbow
  • Barebow Compound
  • Barebow Recurve
  • Target Crossbow

 (Entries for teams open 3 February, 2019 - all entries to be made online)

Club Secretaries - use your personal membership login details* to enter your Club's team(s) for this event.

(Retain your emailed receipt and claim reimbursement from your Club.)


  • You are required to provide the names of the team members with this entry form
  • If your Club intends to enter 2nd Division Compound or Recurve teams, the team members' handicap ratings recorded as at Sunday, 10 March on The Archer's Diary, will be used to determine the average rating (75 - Compound; 65 - Recurve) of each of those teams.

You will be able to enter up to SIX teams in any combination (with a max of 3 in any Division) in a single transacion online.

(Final entries accepted until 8.00 am, 11 March)

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Please note:

  • Recurve Teams can include Longbow, Barebow Recurve archers
  • Compound Teams can include Barebow Compound archers



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  • If your email address is not on your membership record, either a message will appear saying the email address is not in the system or someone else will have received the email (e.g. your Club). You will need to contact your Club's membership administrator to request a valid email address be added to your record so that you can retrieve your details.


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Mylor Oval, Strathalbyn Road, Mylor

Event Date:

Sunday 17 March 2019
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