Level 1 Run Leader - RPL Application

The Level 1 Run Leader RPL (recognition of prior learning) is for coaches who are already able to meet and demonstrate the expected competencies below.


1-RRL-1: Provide an environment for a recreational runner that is inclusive, enjoyable, safe and fosters maximum participation. 

1-RRL-2: Cater for the social and physical capabilities of individual participants.

1-RRL-3: Assess and manage the risks associated with run leading.

1-RRL-4: Observe and understand the fundamental movement skills of running.

1-RRL-5: Plan and implement a warm up and cool down, and implement a training session.

1-RRL-6: Demonstrate the key principles of effective communication methods and begin practising effective and positive feedback.

1-RRL-7: Understand the structure of athletics in Australia so as to best support runner's involvement in the sport. 

1-RRL-8: Understand the Accredited Athletics Coach Framework within Australia. 

1-RRL-9Adhere to the requirements of the Accredited Athletics Coach, including registration, member protection, and codes of conduct. 


 Components to Complete (Primary competencies demonstrated for each component): 

1) Coaching Declaration Form - Submit all required details and acknowledge and agree to abide by the coaching declarations.

2) Community Coaching General Principles - Australian Sports Commission online course.

3) Session Planning Assignment - Complete two responses for the nominated scenarios.

4) Practical Assessment Tool - Conduct a session to be observed by an approved assessor.

5) Understand the Coach Education Framework - Non-assessed, click here for information on the Australian Coach Education Framework.


Cost: $88

Refund: The registration fee is non-refundable once you have submitted components of the RPL for assessment. 

Expected Time to Complete: 1 Hour

You must be a minimum of 21 years old to apply for RPL.