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2019 State Titles



Selection Event for 2019 State Squad


Sunday 7 April 2019


Olympic Blvd Sydney Olympic Park

Tournament Starts 9:00AM


Weigh-in Times

Trial weigh in: Sat 6 Apr 5.00pm – 6:00pm

Official Weigh in: Sat 6 Apr 6.00pm – 7:00pm


Weigh-in Locations

See details in Conditions of Entry - Tournament Weigh-in Section below

Sydney Metro - Quaycentre - Sydney Olympic Park

Illawarra/South Coast - Illawarra International Judo Club - Kembla Grange

Central Coast/Hunter - Kugatsu Central Coast Judo Club - Erina


PRE-ENTRY REQUIRED (No Entry on the Day)



Entry: $50.00 Extra Divisions $25.00

Age & Weight Categories for the 2019 State Titles

DivisionAgeMinimum GradeWeight Categories (kg)*
Junior Girls 9, 10 & 11 years in the calendar year 2018 Junior Orange Belt U29, U32, U36, U40, U44, U48, U52, O52
Junior Boys U27, U30, U34, U38, U42, U46, U50, O50
Senior Girls 12, 13 & 14 years in the calendar year 2018 U36, U40, U44, U48, U52, U57, U63, O63
Senior Boys U36, U40, U45, U50, U55, U60, U66, O66
Cadets - Women 15, 16 & 17 year in the calendar year 2018 Junior Orange Belt U40, U44, U48, U52, U57, U63, U70, O70
Cadets - Men U50, U55, U60, U66, U73, U81, U90, O90
Junior Women 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 years in calendar year 2018 Senior Orange belt or equivalent U44, U48, U52, U57, U63, U70, U78, O78
Junior Men U55, U60, U66, U73, U81, U90, U100, O100
Senior Women 15 years and over in the calendar year 2018 U48, U52, U57, U63, U70, U78, O78
Senior Men U60, U66, U73, U81, U90, U100, O100
Special Needs - Levels 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S (as per above Age Cats.)  As per above Age Categories As per above Age & Weight Categories and subject to entries

*All divisions are up to and including the specified weights




  1. All competitors must be Orange Belt or above or equivalent per JFA NSW Inc Sporting Code. 

  2. All competitors must be current financial members of Judo NSW (ie the Judo Federation of Australia (NSW) Inc. 

  3. JFA Inc. Registration Cards MUST be presented. Competitors may be prevented from competing if the organizers cannot verify registration. 

  4. The Tournament Director reserves the right to abandon or amalgamate any weight divisions where sufficient members are not present – coaches will be consulted. 

  5. The 2019 State Titles will be played under IJF rules

  6. A White and Blue and White Judogi is compulsory for all age categories.
  7. Anticipated weight division must be indicated on the entry form, although changes can be made at weigh-in.

  8. Shime-waza (choking techniques) and Kansetsu-waza (armlock techniques) will be allowed in the Cadet Age Category competition.

  9. Cadets fighting in Senior divisions as 'Extra Divisions'  must have first entered the Cadet Division, otherwise full entry fees will be charged for junior and senior divisions.
  10. Tournament Entry Fees are non refundable.


Tournament Weigh-in 


  1. The weigh-in for all age Categories will be conducted on Saturday 6 April 2018 at the locations listed below.  Trial Weigh-in 5-6:00PM, Official Weigh-in 6-7:00PM at all locations.

  2. Sydney Metro - Quaycentre, Olympic Blv, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2129 - Click Here for Location Map - Contact: Nigel Fricker 0423 692 991.

  3. Illawarra/South Coast -  Illawarra International Judo Club, Ian McLennan Park, Wyllie Rd (1st right turn of West Dapto Rd) Kembla Grange, NSW 2526 - Click Here for Location Map - Contact: Greg Cadorin 0412 993 024.

  4. Central Coast/Hunter - Kugatsu Central Coast Judo Club, Anytime Fitness Building - Central Coast Hwy, Erina, NSW 2250 - Click Here for Location Map - Contact: Shane Alvisio 0410 044 205.

  5. Regional athletes can either weigh-in at a regional weigh-in venue or opt to weigh-in at the Sydney weigh-in venue.  All Sydney based athletes must attend the Sydney weigh-in unless they have sought and gained prior approval from tournament organisers.

  6. Random weight checks with the same rules as the official weigh-in may be organised by tournament management before the first fights in the morning of the competition.  The weight of the athlete cannot be more than 5% higher (without judogi) than the official maximum weight limit of the category.


Competition Draws and Seeding 

  1. Competition Draws will take place immediately after the closure of the Weigh-in. 

  2. Divisions will be seeded at the discretion of the TMC.
  3. Where there are 5 competitors or less in a category, a round robin draw system will be used.

  4. Where there are 10 competitors or less in a category, a 2 pool round robin system will be used with a finals pool draw used.

  5. More than 10 competitors, a Repecharge 16 System Draw will be used.


Medal Presentations and Points 

  1. All medallists will be required to wear a WHITE JUDOGI for all presentations. 

  2. Players must win a minimum of 1 fight, not by forfeit to receive a medal 

Event Details


Quaycentre, Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

Event Date:

Sunday 7 April 2019
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