Faster Stronger Healthier - Athletics Australia Sprint Conference

Become a Faster, Stronger and Healthier Athlete
Athletics Australia Sprint Conference

Sydney, April 2 & 3




8.30-9.30am: “100m/4x100m by Adam Larcom”

9.30-10.30am: “All hamstrings are not the same by Craig Purdam”

10.30-11.30am: "High Performance Sprinting by Christian Malcolm"

11.30-12.30pm: “Training the calf complex for Sprinting by Ross Smith”


8.30-9.30am: “Strength & Power Development for Sprinting by Joseph Coyne”

9.30-10.30am: “Belief: The crucial ingredient in a training plan? by Craig Pickering”

10.30-11.30am: “Running Tendons by Nicholas Cross and Todd Anderson”

11.30-12.30pm: “Elite Sprinting Performance Panel with Craig Hilliard, Iryna Dvoskina, Ross Smith and Craig Pickering”



Ross Smith
Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Craig Pickering
Head of Sports Science at DNAFit and former Olympic Athlete (100m and 4x100m in 2008). 

Sebastian Kuzminski
High Performance Sprints and Jumps Coach of Athletics Australia. 

Craig Hilliard
Head Coach of Athletics Australia

Adam Larcom
Head Relay Coach of Athletics Australia. 

Iryna Dvoskina
Senior Sprints Coach (Para and Able-Bodied) of Athletics Australia.

Prof. Craig Purdam
Former AIS Head Physio, Deputy Director of Athlete Services and the Head of Physical Therapies at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Christian Malcolm
Athletics Australia Performance and Coaching Manager and Former Elite Athlete.

Joseph Coyne
Performance Sprints Coach and Physical Preparation Coach at the Chinese Athletics Association. 


New South Wales Institute of Sport, Sydney (Google Maps)

$10 for Accredited Athletics Coaches

$110 for Non-Accredited Attendees