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4th Annual PCA Forest Shoot

The 4th Annual Forest Shoot

Roll up! Roll up! Its that time again!

Come and take part in the most fun field shoot ever!

Join us at PCA for our annual Forest fun shoot.

What's a Forest shoot?

Our Forest shoot is a modified rarely shot WA round. It is a marked 24T course in the field. The targets are line drawings of animals, in black & white, with a pale gold "kill" zone.

We will be shooting a 2 arrow round only, then a presentation party after.

Arrows do not have to be numbered or shot in order.

There are only 3 scoring zones (15,12 & 7 points), and in the 2 arrow round if you put both arrows in the same scoring zone the 2nd arrow incurs a 5 point penalty. This means to get maximum points, you need to NOT put both arrows in the centre.

There are only red & blue pegs, no yellow pegs. They are NOT age related - all ages shoot at the peg relevant to their bow.
RED peg - sighted bows - max distance 55m
BLUE peg - unsighted bows - max distance 45m

Age divisions are Junior, Senior, and A Bit More Senior.

As this round will not count for any rankings, it is first & foremost a FUN shoot. Play music, dance, laugh... its for fun.

However bragging rights & the winners trophies & patches are usually quite hotly contested.

So grab some archer mates, & come & have fun in the Forest at PCA!



DATE: Sunday 28th April, 2019

LOCATION: Penrith City Archers Field Course. Werrington Road, Werrington 2747 - Enter via Colonial Golf course

*** Please observe the 10 km/hr speed limit ***
COST: $20 per entry.
*help setting up targets appreciated*


  • 7:30am: practice available
  • 7:45am: bow inspections
  • 8:15am: muster
  • 8:30am: Start

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Sunday 28 April 2019
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