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2019 AWA State and National Indoor Championships

AWA 2019 State and National Indoor Championships

Sunday the 21st of July 2019


Tom Wilding Pavilion Claremont Showgrounds Gate 8

COST either:          $80 (Includes Entry to the State and National Indoor Events)

                               $90 for Archery Alliance members and visitors  



Sunday Bow Inspection from 8.00am Start practice 8.45 am (Two practice ends, start immediately after practice)

Tournament rules apply

Uniforms - Club/State/National or Neat White attire



Single World Archery Indoor 18m round (60 arrows) 40cm Single, Triple Vertical target

Double Australian Indoor Round 18m (Vegas style) 40cm Single or Triple Triangle target faces (All Scoring via archers diary please ensure you have access).


Entries:                   Via IMG online ONLY.

Entries close:          08th of July 2019

Note: All archers and Agents must be able to pull thier own arrows. 

Tea, Coffee, Soup, Noodles, Pies, drinks and sanecks will be available 

Set up will be on Saturday 20th July

NO CLUB IS RUNNING THIS EVENT. IT IS A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT FROM MANY, EVERYBODY IS ENCOURAGED TO COME AND HELP SET UP. The equipment will also be packed up directly after the event and everyone shooting is expected to assist in clearing the venue. The quicker clean up is done the quicker the presentation is done.

The truck will be loaded at the archery complex at 10.30am on Saturday 20st July. It will arrive at the Claremont Showgrounds around 1.30pm. Volunteers are required to help unload the truck and prepare the venue for the tournament.

Volunteers are also needed for scoring, check scorers, and to help replace target faces when necessary. If anyone can assist please contact Nick Towill:

The more hands on deck the smoother the event will run.





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Sunday 21 July 2019
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