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2019 MID-YEAR DAN Grading - JUN 2019




For those who have applied and meet the criteria to be examined for Dan grade promotion.

The Dan Grading will consist of the following components:

  • Batsugun (subject to entries) - from 9:00AM 
  • Kata Examination - will commence following the Batsugun (est from 11:00am or 9:30AM if no Batsugun)
  • Technical (Waza) Examination - will commence following the Kata (est from 12:30pm)

Note - the Technical Exam will commence following the completion of the Batsugun and Kata Examination.

An area of the mat will be made available for any judoka to finalise preparation for their DAN Grading & KATA while the Batsugun is being conducted.



Judo NSW is now providing the opportunity to grade to Senior Brown Belt at the Dan Grading.

This is designed for candidates belonging to Clubs that are not currently able to grade to the Senior Brown Belt within their Club.

All candidates must be eligible as per the requirements of the JA Grading Policy (2017) and must provide prior approval from their relevant Club Coach.



Open to all currently registered and eligible 1st Kyu judoka for instant promotion to Sho Dan.

'Early-Bird' Rate ($15) applies until Friday 14 June 2019.  Standard Entry fees apply after 14 June 2019.

Final Entries Close Wed 26 June 2019.  No Batsugun Entries on the day.

Please note the Batsugun will be conducted subject to entries received (ie the event will be cancelled if there are an insufficient number of competitors).

All successful BATSUGUN applicants must also provide the completed DAN Grading Application and DAN Grading Fee to enable processing of the DAN Grade.


GRADING PANEL - Will consist of the following NSW Black Belt Register (BBR) Grades Commission members.

BBR Dan Grades Convenor - Phillip McDermott 5th Dan

NSW Dan Grading Panel Members (TBC):

  • Peter Herrmann 9th Dan
  • Ivor Endicott-Davies 7th Dan
  • Dale Keogh 6th Dan
  • Alan Broadhead 6th Dan
  • Warren Rosser 5th Dan
  • Robert Ivers 5th Dan
  • Morgan Endicott-Davies 5th Dan
  • Ernie Wakamatsu - 5th Dan



All Grading applications must be completed in full and submitted with the correct Grading Fee and photo to the Judo NSW office PO Box 6441 SILVERWATER NSW 2128 by the following dates:


Senior Brown to 3 Dan by Friday 14 June 2019.

4 Dan & 5 Dan by Friday 24 May 2019

6 Dan & above by Friday 10 May 2019


The current National JA Grading Policy and relevant Grading Application Forms may be downloaded by clicking on the below links; 

National Grading Policy (Version 1)


Application Form - 1st Kyu (Senior Brown) Grading


Application Form – 1st Dan to 3rd Dan Grading


Application Form – 4th Dan to 5th Dan Grading


Application Form for Master Grade – 6th Dan & Above


The following must be included with the application form:

  • Points Card or list of points claimed (must be detailed – tournament, opponent’s name and grade, details and dates of refereeing, coaching or administrative positions held)
  • Two passport-sized photographs - alternatively an image can be uploaded onto our membership system at the time of registration for the Dan Grading.
  • Two copies of the completed application forms signed by the applicant and coach.


All Enquiries

Phil McDermott

Phone: (02) 8736 1228



Event Details


Newington Armory, 1 Jamieson St, Silverwater NSW 2127

Event Date:

Sunday 30 June 2019
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