This Event Is Now Closed.

JDS Application Form 2019/2020

 Cost $120 + Admin ($4.80)

Registrations will temporarily close on Wednesday 5th Feb 2020 11.59pm and will reopen after Monday 10th Feb 2020 only Approved JDS members will be able to attend JDS Day 4 on Sunday 9th February

Please note you must read the JDS Information Pack prior to completing this online registration

You are required to register for the JDS 2019/2020 season with your username and password, if you do not have your username or password please click on the username /password prompt in the top right hand corner of this page or click here to have a reminder sent to your email address.

*It is recommended you copy and paste the username and password to avoid errors.

Please be advised that if you register, but have not achieved the qualification standards, you will receive a refund minus a $15.00 administration fee.