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2019/20 Clearance Application

Member Clubs and Members are reminded that a player is not eligible to play until payment has been received by Bowls SA and the Full or Associate registration fee has been paid for the current season. In accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls 46.2.1, ‘if a side introduces an ‘ineligible’ player, the defaulting side will forfeit the game to their opponents. 

CLEARANCES (Excerpt from Bowls SA By-Laws – Updated July 2016)

7.7 The Clearance process is:

7.7.1 The Member requesting a Clearance, to transfer their nominated membership,initiates the clearance process by generating a Clearance Voucher through the online Bowls SA Events Desq form;

7.7.2 By signing the Clearance Voucher, the Administrative Secretary or President, on behalf of the Committee of the Member Club granting the Clearance, acknowledges that the Member has no outstanding financial or personal obligations to the Member Club, and is authorising the Clearance to proceed;

7.7.3 The Member Club accepting the Member edits the Members database details and initiates the transfer process through their Member Club database login;

7.7.4 Bowls SA, on receipt of notification of the Clearance on the Bowls SA ConsoleDashboard, completes the process by approving the Clearance.

7.8 A member with Full, Junior, Student or Associate registration shall be ineligible to playpennants, Bowls SA and Bowls Australia events or tournaments of other Member Clubs until the Clearance process, as outlined in clause 7.7 has been completed.


Clearance Application updated December 2016