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PCA Winter Field - WA 24T Marked

PCA Winter Field

PCA will be holding a registered 24 Target field Tournament at the end of July.

Come and shoot our easy access field course - Para & Wheelchair archers welcome, but it would be advisable to bring an Agent.

Butts will be available on the target field for practice from approx 7:30am



The field course at PCA is in a bush area, near a creek.

Nature is not a Disney movie, and the bush has things that may bite or sting, or trip you over.

Please watch out for kangaroos, emus, wombats, foxes, trees, tree roots, idiot dog walkers and yowies (ok I lied about the wombats)

It is very highly recommended you wear insect repellant, and watch where you are going.

Please take any of your rubbish with you, do not leave our field in a mess.

**It would be appreciated if ALL archers could assist the ground crew by locking targets when the event is completed**



DATE:  Sunday 28th July, 2019.

LOCATION: Troy Adams Archery Field. Werrington Road, Werrington 2747 - Enter via Colonial Golf course
** Please observe 10km/hr speed limit**
COST: $30



Sunday 28th July:

Bow inspection: from 7:45 am

Muster: 8:30am

Start : 9 am (approx)

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Event Date:

Sunday 28 July 2019
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