Level 3 Performance Development Coach (Days 1 and 2) - Canberra



The Level 3 Performance Development Coach course is for coaches who are working with athletes between 15 and 21 years of age and are looking to commence specialisation in a chosen event group and compete at regional, state or national-level competitions. 

The course aims to empower coaches to design and lead effective training programs based on peer-reviewed evidence and the knowledge and experience from leading Australian coaches. The focus of the course will be on planning and achieving long-term development of athlete performance, with an eye for establishing positive training habits that will prepare athletes for the elite pathway.  


Course Curriculum

Day 1

  • Self-Reflection

  • Goal Setting

  • Inclusive Coaching Principles

  • Personality and Coaching Communication

Day 2

  • Gym-based Strength and Conditioning

  • Reactive Strength

  • Pool-based Strength andConditioning

  • Recovery

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation


Expected Competencies 

3-PD-1: Design an effective season training program for an athlete targeting entry in the national Junior or Open Championships

3–PD-2: Effectively prepare and deliver warm up, mobility exercises, event-specific drills, strength and conditioning (including plyometrics), active recovery and pool sessions in an athlete’s training program. 

3–PD-3: Prescribe and monitor a training program that develops the biomotor abilities of athletes, with consideration of the priorities of their event group. 

3–PD-4: Understand the roles and responsibilities of athletes and coaches in regards to anti-doping.

3–PD-5: Understand methods to monitor and effectively manage training load for optimal performance and injury prevention.

3–PD-6: Use basic sports psychology techniques to optimise athlete performance. 

3–PD-7: Understand the basics of human anatomy and how it relates to athletic performance. 

3–PD-8: Have an advanced understanding of the selected event-group, including drills, faults, cause and corrections. 

3–PD-9: Use a range of methods, including using technology, to effectively analyse and provide feedback on an athlete’s technical model. 

3–PD-10: Use a range of coaching methods in the preceeding weeks and on the day to prepare an athlete for optimum performance at a target competition. 


VENUE: Woden Athletics Track, Canberra

Date: October 26 and 27

COST: $150 per day or $280 for both days

PRE REQUISITES: Level 2 Club Coach, Level 2 Advanced Coach or higher

Event Details

Event Date:

Saturday 26 October 2019 to Sunday 27 October 2019
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