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NSW MP Grand Prix #8


Event Date:                  13th October 2019

Location:                       Coast Archers, Erina

Registration:                 8am - 830am

Bow Inspections:          815am - 845am

Practice:                       900am - 930am

First Scoring Arrow:    930am


Session 1:                  720 Ranking Round

Session 2:                  Elimination Match Play with Repechage Round

Note:                         To compete in the Match Play you MUST shoot the Ranking Round


This is a AA Registered Event


Entries Close 1159pm Thursday 10th October 2019


2019 ANSW Target Grand Prix Series


In 2019 ANSW will be running a Grand Prix Series where archers of all Age Divisions can compete in eight registered tournaments. Following the 2018 series it was deemed that more Match Play was required to provide NSW archers with greater experience at shooting Elimination MPlay.

Given that the high profile National, and most World Archery International events are run under MPlay conditions, it is important that we offer our state archers an event that will prepare our archers for these National and International competitions.

Event dates:

Match Play Finals – 19th January 2020 at Warringah Archers

Entry fee to be charged via IMG

  • Ranking Round and Elimination Match Play $20
  • There will be NO late entries after the closing of registrations

       Any Sports TG fees are included in the above

ANSW Grand Prix Format

  • Rounds to be shot WA 70/720, 60/720, 50/720 and AA 50/720, 40/720, 30/720
  • Single Flight with Elimination Match play

Elimination Match Play

  • Each archer will receive a minimum of two matches, with those eliminated in the first match being placed in a separate division or repechage round.
  • Divisions will be:                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Female Recurve

                                               Male Recurve

                                               Female Compound

                                               Male Compound

       All archers regardless of age will shoot in the divisions as listed above.

  • Archers will shoot the same distance and face for which they shot their ranking round EXCEPT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    where a Cub or Intermediate (Recurve or compound) archer is deemed by the NSW Coaching Coordinator to be of suitable ability then they will be required to shoot the same distance (as ranking round) but on an 80cm face.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        where an elite Intermediate compound archer is participating, they will be required to shoot both the ranking round and elimination MPlay as a   WA50/720.

          where a veteran or veteran+ archer is deemed capable by the Coaching Coordinator they may be required to shoot the following - Compound                 40m on an 80cm face and Recurve 60m on a 122cm face.


  • There will be two timed ends of practice prior to the commencement of Match Play.


-        The field will be arranged in such a way to facilitate smooth running of the elimination matches. This will not include the moving of targets, so                competitors are next to each other – the archers will be required to walk between the two targets when competitors are required to shoot different          distances.


Grand Prix Finals

  • The top six archers from each division will be invited to attend the NSW GP Finals
  • Target faces for Cub’s and Intermediates will be as per those shot during Match Play at the archers last event
  • Archers are required to have competed in at least four events to qualify for an invite to the Grand Prix Finals
  • All matches will be elimination and pairings will be as follows – where the top ranked archer is #1 and the sixth ranked archer is #6

Match 1               #5 v #6

Match 2               #3 v #4

Match 3               #1 v Winner M1

Match 4               #2 v Winner M2

Bronze                 Loser M3 v Loser M4

Gold                    Winner M3 v Winner M4

Awarding of points at each GP event to each division

Main Division

  • 1st           25 points                                           6th          10 points
  • 2nd          21 points                                           7th          10 points
  • 3rd          18 points                                           8th          10 points
  • 4th          15 points                                           9th          10 points
  • 5th          12 points                                           10th        10 points

Repechage Division

  • 1st           9 points                                             6th          1 point
  • 2nd          7 points                                             7th          1 point
  • 3rd          5 points                                              8th          1 point
  • 4th          3 points                                              9th          1 point
  • 5th          1 point                                               10th        1 point

Grand Prix Points Table

  • Accumulated point scores per each division will be posted on ANSW Website within 14 days of the completion of an event.
  • Archers scores from each event will be available via Archers Diary


  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the winning archers at the next ANSW Presentation Night. ANSW reserves the right to present other appropriate awards to the winning archers.


If you have any questions, please contact me via email 


Event Details


Coast Archers, Erina

Event Date:

Sunday 13 October 2019
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