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2019 Judo Coach Accreditation Course - Sydney Metro Region (OCT)

2019 Judo Coach Accreditation Course

Assistant & Judo Coach - Sun 27 Oct 2019 (1 Day)


9:00AM to 5:00PM

Judo NSW Training Centre

Newington Armory


This full day course is designed for new and existing Coaches to gain or update their accreditation.


This course will include the following two (2) levels:

  1. Assistant Coach (1 Day 27 Oct) - Coaches children and beginners under the guidance of a Club Coach (Min Age 16 yrs & Min Grade - Senior Blue Belt)
  2. Coach Judo (1 Day 27 Oct)  - Coaches and conducts Judo sessions at club level across a range of athlete abilities (Min Age 18 yrs Min Grade - Senior Brown Belt)


Applicants need to complete the following theory components prior to attending the practical course:

Assistant Coach

Coach Judo


All coaches also need to bring (or provide prior) the following to the course:

  1. Copy of current WWCC clearance letter and/or details.
  2. Copy of current First Aid Certificate
  3. Completed coaches log book and/or details of current actual coaching hours.
  4. Lesson plan for a 10 minute warm-up and cool-down (to be handed in)
  5. Lesson plan to teach a tachiwaza and newaza skill (to be handed in)


All coaches will need to fully participate on the day(s).  This will include demonstration in the technical component.


Course Fees

  • Assistant Coach Early Bird Rate of $50 before Mon 14 October 2019.  Standard Rate $100 on and from 14 Oct 2019.
  • Coach Early Bird Rate of $100 before Mon 14 October 2019.  Standard Rate $150 on and from 14 JOct 2019. 


All Entries Close midnight Wednesday 23 October 2019.


Spaces are strictly limited for this course.


Further Enquiries:

Course Content - Ivica Pavlinic Judo NSW Coach Accreditation Co-ordinator 

Course Registration - Phil McDermott Judo NSW

Event Details


Newington Armory, 1 Jamieson St, Silverwater NSW 2127

Event Date:

Sunday 27 October 2019
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