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71st City of Sydney Championships 2019

Sydney Bowmen Archery Club

8 December 2019


Target Tournament

Compound/Recurves: WA 60/1440 (Fremantle)

Traditional/Barebows: AA 50/1440 (Short Fremantle)


All archers will be competing in graded open divisions, regardless of age or gender.

The traditional divisions are open to barebows and longbows, including Mongolian style bows. Traditional archers using wooden arrows will shoot at the same distance as those using aluminium arrows, but will be compete in different divisions.

All archers will shoot 6 arrow ends; compound and grade 1 recurve archers will shoot at the 6-ring 80 cm face for 40 and 30 m distances.



Archers must compete in a grade according to their best performance during the most recent 3 years in a WA 60/1440 or AA 50/1440 round. All competition events (National, State, Interclub, Club) are counted to establish the grade in which the archer competes. If an archer has not competed previously, please write none on the entry form.  

 Grade  G1 G2 G3
     Compound 1240+ 1120-1239 up to 1119
     Recurve  1150+ 950-1149 up to 949
     Traditional  750+ up to 749 -


TIMES:    8.30 AM registration/sign in

               9.15 AM practice

               9.30 AM scoring

After the first 720 round there will be a lunch break, the second 720 round will commence immediately after lunch


FEES:      All ages: $30 


Close Friday November 29, 2019. Each club is limited to a maximum of 16 entrants with total entries limited to 56 on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Prior registration and payment by the cutoff date is essential. Archers will be required to use their own devices for electronic scoring with Archers Diary.  


Please bring adequate sun protection and drinking water.  A sausage sizzle and cold drinks will be available for sale on the day. 


If the event is washed out or needs to be rescheduled by Sydney Bowmen Archery Club entries will be refunded to participants.






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Latham Park Coogee

Event Date:

Sunday 8 December 2019
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