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Fletchling 2019

Fletchlings 2019

This event is open to ALL Junior and Senior archers who are unclassified or have a White/Black class archer rating and who have not shot a State outdoor event.
The Fletchlings tournament aims to give eligible archers the chance to enter a competition and gain experience and information about competition rules and etiquette in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.

Where: WA Archery Centre (situated within the International Shooting Complex, Whiteman.)

Start Time: Equipment inspection-9.30am

Shooting commences 10.30am

Dress Code : Club Uniform or White Shirt. As per AA rules camouflage clothing is not permitted, but Camouflage equipment is okay.

To find your classification follow the link below:

**remember to bring your current AA card** (Or AA reciept)

Contact: Raoul 0438460322
Bacon & Egg Rolls, Sausage Sizzle and Drinks
Available for Purchase on the day!!


 Unclassified  Unclassified >6months shooting 30m 90 Arrows, 122cm face
 White Class 40m 90 Arrows, 122cm face
 Black Class 40m 90 Arrows, 80cm face

Cadet/under 20(Combined gender & age)

 Unclassified  Unclassified >6months shooting 20m 90 Arrows, 122cm face
 White Class 30m 90 Arrows, 122cm face
 Black Class 30m 90 Arrows, 80cm face

Cub/Intermediate(Combined gender & age)

Unclassified  Unclassified >6months shooting 15m 90 Arrows, 122cm face
 White Class 20m 90 Arrows, 122cm face
Black Class 20m 90 Arrows, 80cm face


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Sunday 17 November 2019
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