This Event Is Now Closed.

Junior Surf - West Coast Experience 2020


West Coast Experience 2020 for C group only

(Bethells Beach)


Please register if your child/ren will be attending the West Coast Experience at Bethells Beach on

Sunday 19th January 2020.

Events for this event are:

  1. Mixed Surf Team Race (both 12 & 13yr olds)
  2. Mixed Pairs Board Relay (both 12 & 13yr olds)
  3. Mixed Cameron Relay (both 12 & 13yr olds)
  4. Board Race
  5. 2km Run

 Entry fee: $25.00              Club Entries Close: 2nd January 2020


NB: No late entries permitted and no refunds given


CLUB BEANIE & PINK SAFETY VESTS - have to be worn for safety


If you do not already have these please purchase at clubhouse Sundays 9-10:30am.



Payment can be made online using the "submit and pay" option when you register.

Please also indicate if you can assist.


Contact for all event enquiries: Junior Manager Shaun Hayward