Run With A Friend

Little Athletics NSW Run With A Friend is a fun challenge encouraging kids to reach out to their friends, set a goal and achieve it by running, walking, or rolling together. 



The challenge is a two-part event. Run #1 and Run #2. Both runs need to be completed during the July school holidays at a course chosen by you.

If there are no friends around, you can still complete the challenge either by yourself or a family member (sibling, parent, or your pet).


How does it work:

  • Choose a distance you would like to run, walk or roll

o   1km

o   2Km

o   5km (U12+ only)


  • Measure your course (use a phone, a watch App, or Parkrun course)


  • Free program when you register! (there will be a link in your confirmation email)


  • Print the LANSW Blank Bib and create your own design by drawing/colouring it (be creative!) 


  • Complete Run #1 in the first week of school holidays and record your time


  • Complete Run #2 in the second week of school holidays and record your time


  • Post your photo with your creative bib on social media & hashtag #RWAF


  • Send us your best time and a photo to claim your digital medal

 This is an honesty run. We will not be checking your distance but we do hope you feel guilty if you don't hold up your end of the bargain!!!