SHC 2020 Junior Registration Yr 0 to 8 - Returning Members

Junior 2020 Winter Registration - For Returning Players

This is for any existing 2019 Somerville junior players (Years 0 to 8) and any new siblings.  This membership is now known as SHC Forever Members.

All Junior pre-season details - including trials is found HERE

Any questions, please email  

CHANGES SINCE 2019. You have guaranteed placement with Somerville provided you register before 16 February 2020 and pay/ make arrangements for full subscription before 19 February 2020 at which point you will be eligible to trial. If you do not register and pay within the notified period, we cannot guarantee a place at Somerville and may administer you as a New Player.


We offer a discount of $25 off each junior and youth subscription where three or more family members (not including senior adult players) living at the same address, play for Somerville. See table below.

Number of family members playing (children living at the same address)

               Subscription*               (each junior player)

Credit Card
Processing Fee 

One or two players

$ 285 each

$12 each

3 or more players

$ 260 each

$11 each

*The $10 increase of all subscriptions is due to hockey association cost increases for 2020

** see below. No additional fees if you pay via online banking after registration process. Fee for those paying credit card the subscription per player will be $297 (one or two players) or $271 (three or more players).

Goalies: Goalies who provide their own gear pay $80 only. Please do not pay via credit card but use online banking after the registration process.

Please note should you decide not to play for Somerville in 2020, we reserve the right to retain an admin fee of $100 from your subsciption payment.

Please register all of your children before submitting.

You will either register in your grade as a member entitled to a family discount, or as a member paying the full subscription.

Payment Information

  • For all returning players (and any new siblings) your subscription payment is due before 19 February 2020 to secure your spot with Somerville.
  • Payment Options include credit card (incurs a processing fee of 4% for each subscription which is paid as part of the registration process) or online banking (no processing fee and subscription is paid after the registration process).
  • For credit card payments - click "Submit Now & Pay Online".
  • For Online Banking - click " Submit Now".  Please note if you are paying by online banking the summary page in the registration will show a total amount that includes a credit card processing fee (you do not need to pay this fee).  Click "Submit Now" to complete your registration. Then please head to your online banking to pay. Multiple children can be paid in one lump sum.   

Account details:    Somerville Hockey Club 06 0257 0118012 02 Reference your name and grade. 



Photography - By registering to play for Somerville, you give permission for your child's photo/ image to be used by Somerville in promotional materials such as website, social media and prizegiving. You have the right to request, in writing, that Somerville does not use your child's image or stops using your child's image