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ANSW Metropolitan Postal

2020 Archery NSW Postal Metropolitan Shoot


ANSW has decided to utilise the medals from the Metro cancelled earlier this year.

Due to Covid19, the event will be run as a postal event over 2 days, to enable archers to shoot the event at their own clubs.

This is an OPEN distance event only. There are no age divisions as this is a handicap event.

Crossbows permitted in this event.

you are welcome to shoot this event, but mind that there is no reduction in distance & you are required to shoot as a Recurve.
You are welcome to shoot the Cadet Canberra round (see the Junior Postal event), but must shoot as Open.


Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th August 2020 - All Bow types

Closing date for entries: Friday, 28th August, 2020 at 2pm.


**Archers Diary Log In: Under ANSW, code "metro"


Round to be shot: SYDNEY - 1200 ROUND (70,60, 50, 40)

RECURVE - Sydney (All Divisions) (all distances 122cm face)


COMPOUND - Sydney (All Divisions) (all distances 122cm face)




 Event Divisions: 

 Ratings will be from normal archer ratings from archer ranking lists in Archers Diary


Division 1

Anyone who has won an open TARGET tournament regardless of round shot, must enter in Division 1.


Division 2

Recurve - Anyone with a rating of 85 or higher.

Compound - Anyone with a rating 95 or higher.


Division 3

Recurve - Anyone with a rating of 65 to 84 (inclusive).

Compound - Anyone with a rating of 75 to 94 (inclusive).


Division 4

 Recurve - Anyone with a rating of 64 or lower.

 Compound - Anyone with a rating of 74 or lower.


 There will be no divisions for age, this is an Open Tournament with performance divisions based upon archers' current ratings for the equipment style that will be used.


Archers eligible for lower divisions may choose to enter a higher division, if so they will not be eligible for lower division awards.


Any archer, regardless of rating, who has won an open tournament (see AA definition, Shooting Rules 7.4) must enter in Division 1.


Club Teams Event:

Clubs are invited to nominate as many teams of three members as they wish to contest the Club Team Event.


Rules for Club Teams Event -

  • There will be a Recurve and Compound Club Team Event
  • Teams will consist of 3 Club members registered to ANSW / Archery Australia through the club. Club Associate members are not eligible to represent a club.
  • Each team of 3 members must have at least one female member.
  • Teams must be nominated by the closing date listed above. Nominations & changes may be made 24 hours before the start of practice by sending an email to
  • Placings for the Club Team Event will be determined by using the highest aggregate score (three scores added together) from the Metropolitan Championships.
  • If there is a tie for a placing, a countback of total 10s & Xs will take place, highest team amount wins. If there is still a tie, only Xs will be counted.



ANSW medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category (male & female, recurve & compound) and division (1 to 4).



Able to be staged at any affiliated ANSW club, provided special rules as set below are followed


Entry Fees:

This event is free to members with current AA registration, as verified in STG.

Please note the closing date for entries (listed above under "Dates"). No late entries will be accepted.


**SPECIAL RULES (the fine print)

1) Running of the event at each club preferably to be overseen by an event judge, National Judge candidate or National Judge. A designated range captain will be accepted if the club does not have access to a recognised official. A completed DoS sheet is to be included with the paper scoresheets. DoS form can be downloaded from AA or can be requested from

2) Archers can shoot either day but not both. Only the first score submitted will be used for scoring.

3) The offficial running the shoot may not shoot at the same time (no shooting judges). They can shoot either day provided they have someone else to supervise them.

4) DOUBLE SCORING!! Paper scoresheets to be filled out as per a normal comp, scanned & sent in one lot per club (with the DoS form) to by Friday 4th Sept. Electronic scores without corresponding paper scoresheet will not be accepted. Unsigned  / incorrect scoresheets not accepted either.

5) Winners will be posted on the ANSW website & social media accounts. Any medals will be posted to club recorders for presentation to the club members.







Event Details

Event Date:

Saturday 29 August 2020 to Sunday 30 August 2020
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