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WACA Junior Cricket League (Tuesday 22nd December 2020)








WACA Junior Cricket League 

To enter a team into the WACA Junior Cricket League on Tuesday 22nd December 2020 select CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM at the top left of this screen.


Join us for a fun filled day of cricket on the hallowed turf of the WACA Ground.

Teams of 8 players

(Boys aged 9-11 years / Girls aged 10-12 years / Mixed teams allowed / If you wish to have more players in your squad, this is OK, but ONLY 8 may play in any one match / You are welcome to mix and match from your and other community cricket clubs to make your team, your team does NOT need to be your usual community cricket team)


Guaranteed 4 x T20 matches during the day. Everyone bats and bowls in every game.



Entry Fee: $280 per team

Please read instructions carefully to ensure payment is successful.


If you have any questions please contact James Hewitt on 0411 056598 or email


The small print: 

  • All matches will be played under Stage 1 Junior Cricket rules: 
    • 16 metre pitch
    • Bowling from one end
    • 15 balls per batter
    • Minimum of 2 overs per bowler
    • Short boundaries
    • Each team must have a designated adult co-ordinator for the day
    • Each team must have a designated scorer


  • Equipment Provided
    • Match balls
    • Stumps
    • Shade tents
    • Boundary markers
    • COVID-19 cleansing equipment


  • All players MUST comply with the Community Junior Cricket Council rules regarding player safety:
    • All batters and all wicket keepers MUST wear helmets
    • The sharing of equipment is not encouraged. If sharing is unavoidable, the WACA Return to Play Protocols and Guidelines must be adhered to.
    • No fielder (other than the wicket keeper) permitted within 15m of the batter


  • At least one of your team's matches will be played at Trinity College


  • A week out from the competition you will be sent a form to let the organisers know the names of the cricketers playing in your team


  • A cafe for food and beverage will be open


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Event Date:

Tuesday 22 December 2020
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