Beginners Course - 6 and 13 March 2021

Welcome to Centenary Archers Beginners Course.  


At Centenary Archers we run 2 Beginners Courses each year with the main purpose of extending the skills of existing archers.


Classes are run from 10:00 to 13:00 on select Saturday mornings.  Please arrive before 9:45 for registration and equipment allocation.


You must attend both course days to successfully complete this course.


Our Club and Courses are run entirely by volunteers who give freely of their time to introduce others to our sport, as such we have a NO REFUND policy for cancellation or ‘no shows’ except in exceptional circumstances and written request.  (“I slept in / forgot” is not a reason for us to consider offering a position in a future class or a refund.)




Our Club is very welcoming of people with disabilities, unfortunately our Club facilities are not wheel chair friendly.  Please contact us by email to discuss participants with disabilities as we may need to organise instructors with relevant experience.


Young Participants


We absolutely encourage young people to join our sport, but there are limitations.  You must be aged 10 or older and be strong enough to draw, hold and control a 7kg bow.  Not being able to do so creates a safety hazard for the individual and other participants.


Is this a sport for girls and women?


Absolutely!!  We would love to see more girls and women joining our Club and enjoying our sport.


Multiple Participants? Before you book places!


Our Courses are limited to 18 participants, so if you wish to enter more than 1 person into the one class you will need to check the “Confirmed Entrants” tab at the top of this page to ensure there are enough places available.


How do I join a Beginners Course?


To book a place click the Register button and follow the prompts.  Only paid bookings are valid.  Cost is $105 per participant including a processing fee of $1.50 and remember our No Refund policy.


  • You MUST be a member of Centenary Archers Club; or
  • You MUST have  completed a Come n Try class at Centenary Archers Club within the previous 6 months.  (email us to confirm your eligibility).
  • You MUST be aged 10 or older. See "Young Participants" above.
  • You MUST NOT be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You MUST wear fully enclosed footwear.
  • Tie back long hair so it does not be get caught in the bow string.
  • Remove necklaces, ear, nose and lip rings so they do not be get caught in the bow string.
  • Bring water, food, sunscreen and a hat (soft school hats are best, baseball caps are not suitable as they provide little sun protection and interfere with the bow string).
  • Guardians of participants 16 years and under MUST remain on site during the class.
  • Bring your completed Temporary Membership form (only for non members)


The Club will provide all equipment (including safety equipment) necessary for the CnT class.