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2020 National Youth Archery Championships - Mylor Oval

Welcome to Archery Australia's NYAC 2021

"with a difference"

(hosted by ARCHERY South Australia)

28 & 29 September, 2021 &

5 & 6 October, 2021

The rounds for the Championships comprise a 1440 round on days 1 & 3 and a 720 round

 on days 2 & 4 (The best 1440 and best 720 score will be counted)

(The 1440 round will be shot first)

Entries close Monday, 20 September (8.00 am)

Further Information:

  • See "Confirmed Entrants" and "Conditions of Entry" - above

Entry to this event constitutes acceptance of the following additional policies:

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Mylor Oval

Event Date:

Tuesday 28 September 2021
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