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Hawkeye – Youth Clout Event and Youth BBQ

Hawkeye Youth Clout Event & Youth BBQ, Penrith City Archers – Stage 3 of the 2022 Youth Series

6 November 2022

Shoot some arrows in the air, hang out with your friends for a big BBQ lunch and have a great day out!

Have you ever tried clout, or are you a seasoned clout archer?

Join us at Penrith City Archers for a great day of clout archery, where a high draw is allowed and you get to shoot arrows into the sky to hit a ground target in the distance.

The emphasis of the day is that it is very much going to be a social event for all our youth archers, with PCA putting on a BBQ lunch.

Registration is only $15 and includes lunch.

Closing date for registrations: 30 October 2022

Every entry gets a chance to win a SvBony Spotting Scope worth $200 in a draw!

So what is clout archery?
Clout is shot at distances starting from from 85 metres (Joey Recurve). The maximum distance is 180 metres which is the distance that the 20 and under, open (and over) compound division participate in.

The target consists of ten scoring zones (like target) but it is flat on the ground and has a diameter of 15 metres. Coloured flags mark the colours, and the centre is marked with a triangle (usually made from cardboard or polystyrene) that protrudes from the ground.

In order for the arrows to make the distance, archers usually use a mirror or prism (compound and recurve), because they need to shoot into the sky for the arrows to make the distance. The mirror acts like a periscope.

The day will be broken down as follows:

  • 8:30am to 11:30am: Development/Sight settings/Learn how to shoot clout
  • 11:30am to 12:30pm: Barbeque lunch
  • 12:30pm to close: Single Clout Competition

Development Morning
You can use this morning for practice, obtain sight settings or learn how to shoot clout if you have never done it before. We will teach you how to read the wind and provide some tips and tricks to hit the gold ring. We will also teach you the rules, how to score and a variety of other things.

By the end of the morning, hopefully you will have a bit of a grasp on shooting clout and be in the scoring zone.

Archery NSW Youth BBQ Lunch and 'Social Get Together'
Penrith City Archers plan to put on a tasty social BBQ lunch for all the youths that attend. You’ll get a chance to catch up with your friends or even make some new ones. Hang out for an hour or so before we get down to business for a fun competition…

Lunch will be available for parents at an additional cost on the day.

The End Game
Okay so you now have sight settings, you’ll have a full belly from lunch, now we get down to some competition – a single clout round of 6 ends and a total of 36 arrows. You’ll get two/three ends of practice, just in case the weather has changed to allow you to make any alterations.

Trophy Presentation
Following the competition, there will be a trophy presentation for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on actual scores.

Each archer will shoot from the distance that is relevant to their age group
If you unsure of what age group you are in, please check in archers diary:

Joey Recurve 80 metres
Joey Compound 100 metres

Cub Recurve 100 metres
Cub Compound 125 metres

Intermediate Recurve 125 metres
Intermediate Barebow Recurve 100 metres
Intermediate Compound 145 metres

Cadet Recurve  145 metres
Cadet Barebow Recurve 125 metres
Cadet Compound 165 metres

20 and under Recurve 165 metres
20 and under Barebow Recurve 145 metres
20 and under Compound 180 metres

Equipment needed
Clout mirror
Spotting scope (if you don't have one, try and borrow one)
Arrows with heavy points (not essential but helpful) – very useful to number your arrows.
A rag to wipe arrow tips

A great guide on how to shoot clout can be found by clicking here.

A pdf on equipment is available to download is available by clicking here.

Where to buy a clout mirror
Archery Supplies is probably the best place to purchase a clout site and they cost as little as $50:

We are also currently in production of some affordable clout sights which will be available for purchase soon and an announcement will be made shortly.

But also ask around at your club, because, you may find some people may have a clout sight that they don't use anymore…

For further information please contact Barry Parker, Archer NSW Youth Coordinator at

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Penrith City Archers, Werrington Rd, Werrington NSW 2747

Event Date:

Sunday 6 November 2022
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