All applicants should note that lodgement of an Expression of Interest (EOI) does not guarantee appointment to the specific area(s) requested. The smooth conduct of the competition and event will be paramount; appointments will be based on applications received and qualifications held by or experience of the Officials.

When sufficient applications are received, Officials may be rotated between events relevant to experience and or accreditation.

Appointments for each LAQ conducted competition will be posted on the LAQ Competition Official’s webpage as they become available. Individual notices will not be issued. Please note appointments maybe changed at the discretion of the Officials Committee.

It is preferred that nominees for the Referee positions hold Level 2 or 3 accreditation or have been assessed for, or previously appointed to the relevant areas. Nominees for the Event or Area Chief / Manager positions should hold Level 2 accreditation for the relevant area(s) with some exceptions.

Any Official that wishes to be assessed for the practical component to further their Officials accreditation in specific event areas, should indicate in provided area. Applicants must also have a record card on hand and report to the Officials Manager at the beginning of the Competition.  Please note that assessments will be subject to availability of appropriate Officials.