This Event Is Now Closed.


This is a registered event with Archery Australia, Archery NSW and World Archery 

DATE: SUNDAY 12th February 2023 with Closing date 9th February 2023   



Entry is limited to Compound, Barebow and Recurve archers in the Open age group.

Rounds shot will be:

Compound: WA 50/720

Recurve: WA 70/720

Barebow Recurve WABB 50/720

Entry fee is $50.00 for each event and online entries only

Practice Starts at 08:00 and scoring immediately after the practice ends.

There will be 3 Practice Ends (taking approximately 20 minutes) then straight into Scoring Ends.

72 arrow ranking round then into Matchplay

Matchplay will be at 70m for recurve and 50m for compound and Barebow. Men and women will be mixed for matchplay.


  • Archers with the top matchplay points which will be the best 5 rounds out of the 10 rounds will progress to the final. If archers are on the same score and after count back, then there will be a shoot off on the day of the finals 10 December 2023.
  • There is a change to the 2023 matchplay – no mixed gender matchplay, this is to assist with the overall points system for ANSW Best athlete and Best club perpetual trophies.
  • Archers in the finals must have competed in at least 4 events. If divisions don't have 8 archers who have competed in 4 events, the finals will then be top 4.
  • Points table: 1st 25 points, 2nd 18 points, 3rd 15 points, 4th 12 points, 5th 10 Points, 6th 8 points, 7th 6 points, 8th 4 Points, 9th 2 points, 10th 1 point.
  • Prize money will be awarded in compound, recurve and Barebow at the end of the Matchplay season in December.
  • Prize pool for the finals on the 10 December 2023 is from $500 to $1000 for each Division, split between the 1st,2nd, and 3rd place (Recurve, Compound and Barebow) subject to entry numbers. We reserve the right to combine genders if there is not enough archers in each division. 
  • SOPA reserves the right to change the entry condition at any time without warning

T&Cs apply. 

Double scoring - Paper and Electronic - Please ensure that your electronic scoring device is fully charged for the day. Please remember PAPER is the one that counts if there is any issues. 

Entry Conditions

  • All archers NEED TO BE at the venue at least 30 minutes before start times.
  • An Archers Briefing will be held prior to the start of practice.
  • Bow Inspection will be conducted prior to the start of practice.
  • No refunds but we will give you a credit to use at one of SOPA's events

The Series dates

22nd January - SOPA Matchplay No 1

12th February - SOPA Matchplay No 2

12th March - SOPA Matchplay No 3

7th May – SOPA Matchplay No 4

11th June - SOPA Matchplay No 5

16th July – SOPA Matchplay No.6

27th August - SOPA Matchplay No 7

24th September - SOPA Matchplay No 8

22nd October - SOPA Matchplay No 9

19th November – SOPA Matchplay No. 10

10th December – SOPA Matchplay Final


Sydney Olympic Park Archers is located at Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre Bennelong Parkway Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127. 

Dress Regulations:

The Organising Committee will be enforcing Archery Australia Rules (7.10) in respect of athlete's dress.


Scoring will be both paper and live using Archers Diary. 

NEW Important information: 

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